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The Musical: Old School Phantom or new Mackintosh-inspired?

Old school all the way! Bring back the original! 0.37967914438503 38.0% [ 426 ]
I'm indifferent 0.19964349376114 20.0% [ 224 ]
I like the new sets/costumes/staging/whatever. It's good. 0.084670231729055 8.5% [ 95 ]
I like the movie. 0.14705882352941 14.7% [ 165 ]
I haven't seen either one so I don't have an opinion. 0.18894830659537 18.9% [ 212 ]
Total Votes:[ 1122 ]
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Welcome to the Phantom of the Opera Thread v2.0! Here in our new home, users can discuss all aspects of Phantom of the Opera, from the 2004 movie, to the original novel, and every other adaptation, including the famous Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

So remember to not choose Box 5, or you may just end up like Joseph Buquet!

And now, our Pledge of Phan Allegiance (written by toasterphantom):
I pledge allegiance
To the opera house
Underneath which Erik lives
And to the punjab
With which he kills
One nation
Under Erik
With punjabbing and music
For all

exclaim RULES

- No quoting the original post. It's long and ticks users off. If you must spam, go to the Chatterbox forum.

- No offtopic chatter. Our old thread, here is for that now.

- No insulting other users for their opinions. If you don't like PotO, WHY ARE YOU HERE?

- Please keep content PG-13 at all times

- Contact ME if you have any major questions about the thread. Not anyone else.

- Do NOT just post and run. Stay and have fun, we're cool folks.

- DO NOT stretch the page with a link or image. It WILL be deleted and/or reported to a mod.

- Please try and spell to the best of your ability, and use correct grammar. The internet is NOT your cellphone, so please do not type like it is.

- Do NOT advertise a roleplay/shop/whatever here. We do not care if it is PotO-related. Don't do it.

exclaim Q&A

Why a new thread?

Our old, original thread, created by Alis in Wonderland was moved to the Friends Chat because of it excessive offtopic chatter. We, the regulars, were upset, and voted to make a new thread in our original home forum to continue to spread the PotO love.

Why PotO?

Why ANYTHING, for that matter? We love the story of the disfigured genius who has a doomed love with a singer.

So what came first, the book or the musical?

The Book. The original novel was by GASTON LEROUX and was published in 1910 (or 1911, depending on your source) in France. Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical, not even the first musical adaptation mind you, was written and staged in the later 1980s. Biiig year difference.

Anymore questions, feel free to PM me or ask them in the thread! heart

exclaim BLACK LIST

None yet, thank Erik.


I think one of the worst would be if Christine becomes a hired assasin and Erik and her go out to kill people and make out on the job. Then they are hired to kill raoul and refuse for Christine's sensitive singing non-assasin side. So they become fugitives from the forces of evil who wanted raoul dead and flee to america. Where they become cowboys.

Then Christine is abducted by aliens. Raoul and Erik are picked up by a space ship right before the earth is destroyed to make way for an intergellactic highway a Hitchhikers guide to the galixy. Then the khanum is after them for whatever reason and they finally find christine. Then they grab lunch and a depressed robot named Nadir before returning to the newly rebuilt earth being marginally more mistrustful of mice.

Then they start a chain of malls that have danceing singing cooking architecture beauty animal and everything else remotely Erik/Christine/Raoulish and lack of punctuation shops. Then they all live happily ever after right after Raoul/Christine, Erik/Nadir, Meg/Jammes, and Andre/Firmin get together. In all sorts of ways. And we find out why Erik is glad be bought the 'double wide' coffin. XD

*breaths* THE END.
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exclaim NEWS & UPDATES

11/17/07 New Thread is officially open! Discuss away~!
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With John Cudia
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Preformed by Takarazuka Phantom

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With Lon Chaney
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Hubert Lom
-Phantom of Hollywood(1974)
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With Well, Maxamilian Schell
-Animated Phantom of the Opera (1987)
-Robert Englund Phantom (1989)
-Phantom of the Mall:Eric's Revenge (1989)
-Charles Dance Phantom (1990)
It has a long opening sequence, just chill through it.
-Dario Argento Phantom (1998 )
-Andrew Lloyd Webber Phantom (2004)
With Gerard Butler

Other Phantom Goodies
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List credit: toasterphantom
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None yet. crying
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YAY! Utakan! It's up!

Erik would be happyish.
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Erik better be happy, otherwise Erik's getting the paddle.
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o.o Would he be happy about a rather large and insane group of people who come to this place for many hours a day to talk about him and other relating things?
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I think he might be happy. Though I'm not sure he'd like if any of them squealed.
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True. Those are the ones you have to avoid.
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Hmn. I know, let's have a dumb topic today. XD

Which character would Erik most like go gay for/use as a substitute Christine?
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Nadir I think.

Raoul would be out of the question...
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Though, I dunno. Erik might rape Raoul just as some perverse revenge.
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Well, yeah. Then Raoul would kill himself due to being damaged forever and Christine would follow him, then what?
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Then he'd either grab The Persian or the managers.
New thread!

I still blame Erik for my friend's vanishing sweatshirt, however. XD

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