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The President's daughter is trapped aboard MS ONE, an orbiting space prison taken over by the planet's most dangerous inmates. How would you proceed?

Transmit control codes to the space prison that will lock all the bad guys in bathrooms. 0.18964744128692 19.0% [ 6767 ]
Play dubstep songs over the communications array, hoping the inmates give up. 0.22568802197186 22.6% [ 8053 ]
Fly to the prison, find the President's daughter, and escape in one piece! 0.3991648450199 39.9% [ 14243 ]
Trick the inmates into believing it's Mother's Day, causing them to panic. 0.18549969172132 18.5% [ 6619 ]
Total Votes:[ 35682 ]
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i like ches
escape wit the presidents daughter in one piece
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Hilarious Seeker

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looks interesting. but im not into the futurist stuff
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Dangerous Gekko

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i watched the trailer and voted in the poll and i still havent gotten the items.
heart *another random comment*
play dub step and hope they give up lol
going to see this movie today yay
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Invisible Prophet

This reminded me of RE4. @_@'
Goodie... now I feel like playing a game I can't because my ps2's broke D<

In either case... the plot is dull. There's bound to be a ton of special effects to make up for it, which makes things even worse. I expect this to be as fun as watching paint dry.

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