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The President's daughter is trapped aboard MS ONE, an orbiting space prison taken over by the planet's most dangerous inmates. How would you proceed?

Transmit control codes to the space prison that will lock all the bad guys in bathrooms. 0.18965807174888 19.0% [ 6767 ]
Play dubstep songs over the communications array, hoping the inmates give up. 0.22570067264574 22.6% [ 8053 ]
Fly to the prison, find the President's daughter, and escape in one piece! 0.39915919282511 39.9% [ 14242 ]
Trick the inmates into believing it's Mother's Day, causing them to panic. 0.18548206278027 18.5% [ 6618 ]
Total Votes:[ 35680 ]
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Man-Hungry Man-Lover

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I feel this is what should have been a dead space live action but slowly turned into a stupid man flick. neutral
Frankly, if the President's daughter was trapped, I wouldn't do a thing. I'm a civilian and anyway, the daughter of a president is not in any way worth more than the daughter of a farmer, a factory worker or a hobo as far as I am concerned.
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Friendly Informer

I am intrigued. Just for Pearce.
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Shadowy Werewolf

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looks cool.
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i will watch it
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Distinct Friend

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I think i will go and see it just for the hell of it 3nodding
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Ruthless Vampire

Looks like a pretty good movie. ;D
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High-functioning Lunatic

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There's one important option being left out here...

Getting The Doctor and his TARDIS, that's what I'd do, much easier than all the others emotion_yatta
Classiix's avatar


Looks awesome!
My dad loves action/sci-fi movies.
I guess I got that from him .
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Friendly Phantom

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    I want to see this movie!
y would i care for the presidents daughter...... >.<
so ... they remade "Escape from L.A." but set it in space
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Magical Girl

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