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The President's daughter is trapped aboard MS ONE, an orbiting space prison taken over by the planet's most dangerous inmates. How would you proceed?

Transmit control codes to the space prison that will lock all the bad guys in bathrooms. 0.1896285914506 19.0% [ 6765 ]
Play dubstep songs over the communications array, hoping the inmates give up. 0.22567624386826 22.6% [ 8051 ]
Fly to the prison, find the President's daughter, and escape in one piece! 0.39921513665032 39.9% [ 14242 ]
Trick the inmates into believing it's Mother's Day, causing them to panic. 0.18548002803083 18.5% [ 6617 ]
Total Votes:[ 35675 ]
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I love watching stupid action movies when I go visit my parents!
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dubstep? Psychological warfare at it's worst...
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Surprised this movie is not R rated. sweatdrop
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The Forsaken Hollow
[GAIA] Snow
Another random cop movie about a "loose cannon" saving someone's daughter while running from the government because he was falsely accused.
Except now... It's in space... OMFG!!

more proof that hollywood can produce nothing but s**t.
Quoted for simple truth.
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What was she doing there in the first place! This has got to be the most dangerous place to be!
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I don't understand how people can't like movies like this smh but I guess people have different taste in movies
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Jave Chiller
How many times can we see the same story line? Like give me a break.

It's escape from LA/NY in space~

What's not to like?

I guess I've seen way too many its the damsel in distress with the BAD guy who comes to save her movies...Just my opinion but it gets old.
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Would I watch it?
Yes, just for the lolz.
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What was she doing there in the first place! This has got to be the most dangerous place to be!

LOL I thought it said in the trailer she was there for some reason but not sure what it was. Like research or being nice or something. But I agree it would be a stupid place for a woman to be.
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As soon as he was decribed as 'loose cannon' I was almost positive they were going to continue with 'cop on the edge'. Anyway it doesn't look like my kind of movie. If there's a loose cannon cop it better be played by Bruce Willis.

Other than that the plot involving the presidents daughter sickens me.
it would have benn done that for myself thimling and to do that kind of job for the président to save the dauther président no 1 child and get the right gratitude from him and coming back with is dauther in one piecer alive ,and more .and the help off god on top off that.
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It looks interesting
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lol Dubstep for sure. If I was marooned on a space ship, dubstep would drive me so insane I'd kill myself.
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I wouldn't mind seeing this for entertainment...the theme seems very cliche/overdone though.
..& I'm not gonna bother to pick any answer other than the right one. stare
I vote where is my item?

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