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It's not bad at all; I ADORE Moriarty. He's brilliantly insane and I enjoy his dark humor. Seriously, kudos to the actor who portrayed him!

Also, I'm dying to get a shirt that says "I AM SHERLOCKED". My friend has one and I'm so jealous of her!

Andrew Scott. Man needs to get some bigger roles. The stuff he's in now is hard to find!
Sherlock is pure awesomeness! I love every character and just everything! It's also nice how they've picked not that famous actors/actresses. I mean Ben and Martin are pretty famous but for example Rupert, Loo, Andrew and Lara. That's how you get fame for good but not-that-well-known actors! And they really are all so talented!

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Lord Denning
I am suprised this television show doesn't have a larger cult following of semi-intelligent women swooning over this man.

This show has a cult following in my house, at least.

That is where we all reside.
vworp vworp vworp

True story.
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I am such a huge fan!
I still love Granada's Sherlock Holmes, but Moffat and Gatiss did an awesome job modernizing it and adding in quirky humor.

:3 And yeah, I'm with the people who wouldn't be able to take Tennant seriously after having seen him running around with a sonic screwdriver. The casting in this show is just amazing.
I must say that while I originally got into this show because of Matin Freeman (and, well, the fact that it is a modern telling of Sherlock Holmes), I have since become quite the Benedict Cumberbatch fangirl.
I was very very very pleased when he showed up in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; he made the cast like 50% more fantastic, which is pretty impressive because it was already at like 500%.
And sometimes, I do this thing where I talk about this show nonstop until my friends watch it.
But not that often, I swear. ^^;
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i loves Sherlock i started watching it in the end of the sec series then watched it from the start never knew tennant was meant to play him but im glad its not i love cumberbatch and freemen together
So, a while ago a new TV series started airing int he UK called 'Sherlok'. How many fans besides myself are there of Benedict Cumberbatch and think that he is the most brilliant choice for the role? How many will be disappointed that the original pick was supposed to be Tennant? I know, I know. I love tenant, but darn it! I'm not letting go of Cumberbatch! Well, anyway, just tell me what you think of the show so far, if it's a hit or a miss with you smile

I agree wholeheartedly! Though I'm sad each season is only three episodes long, I'm absolutely addicted to the program. Here's to hoping season three will be just as brilliant. :3
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The wait for season 3 is killing me.

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