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With what "new" version are you happy?

BBC Sherlock Series 0.46551724137931 46.6% [ 54 ]
Sherlock Holmes 2010/2012 Movies 0.4051724137931 40.5% [ 47 ]
Lucy Liu, yeah let's see that! 0.060344827586207 6.0% [ 7 ]
I heard there's a total different version coming up! 0.068965517241379 6.9% [ 8 ]
Total Votes:[ 116 ]
This poll closed on November 23, 2012.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Why aren't the original stories listed as an option eek

I am quite fond of the BBC one, but I like the old stories... Also there's this great webcomic where EVERYONE is gender bent...and has animal ears and a tail.. It warms my little rule 63 lovin heart...
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Naw I haven't Read any of the books, I plan on watching the BBC series apparently its really good according to my sister as well as your poll, woah :O
atm though the 2 recent movies are my favorite I cant tell whether its just because I absolutely love robert downey jr and Jude Law together though or if its because of the actually movie. Probably 60/40 lol
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BBC Sherlock Is The Best Sherlock Holmes EVER!!!
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I have no problem with Elementary. It's good but for some reason it hasn't been able to keep me interested. Not like the BBC Sherlock. I'm completely in love with that show. Next season couldn't come any sooner.
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Vicious Demigod

I would have to say that the BBC Sherlock is my favorite, although the Robert Downey Jr. ones are really good too!

I haven't read the stories at all, but will get to. My college is having a class about Sherlock Holmes so I'm quite excited about that!
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Why aren't the original stories listed as an option eek

Delgald, they're not listed in the poll because they are the original stories. The poll is about which recent version you enjoy the most. There's many plays/movies/series/etc out there. Of course you can also discuss the old versions, as well as the original stories (which I also enjoy a whole lot), but I thought there wasn't a need to include them in the poll, since you can't really compete with the classics. The poll is about including the new generation, seeing which new version has brought new fans into the world of Sherlock Holmes 3nodding
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Take me for example. I didn't know much about Sherlock Holmes, until I watched the Downey/Law movie, and it got me excited to read all of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sometimes, classics need that push to get newer generations interested in the original works.
Finished reading the complete Sherlock Holmes stories from Doyle.

Now I have no idea what I'm going to read next.
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Dapper Smoker

I started reading the Doyle stories just before I picked up the BBC Sherlock, and there's nothing I enjoy more than comparing the two. I love them both equally, as the BBC brought a very fresh and snappy spice to the already spicy original.

I've got to say, though, BBC Sherlock needs to stop with the ship-teasing... we know from the books that John gets married, but I wonder if BBC Sherlock won't go in another direction, the way they dangle ships in front of our faces like they do.

I know for a fact that one of the newer interpretations-- that American version with Watson as a woman-- completely intends to hook the two up. It's obvious. I think it'd be interesting to see Watson and Sherlock explored as a couple in canon. Lord knows we've seen enough fanfiction to know it's what people want...

The dynamic between Sherlock and Watson is my main draw, really. Two completely different people, thrown together to solve mysteries in the most entertaining fashion. Really the ultimate duo.
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I LOVE the Robert Downey Jr version of Sherlock Holmes. I haven't seen the other versions yet, but I probably will eventually.
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Invisible Vampire

I got the Disney version of it and the one with Downey Jr ones but I really what to see the BBC Sherlock.
Always the 2010/2012 movies. Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Mark Strong. Sensational xD

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