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WHY would you even mention Luffy? Holy shnaz that would RUIN his entire character.
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Brokeback Mountain
Will and Grace
Boy Meets Boy (book and show)
The 'L' Word
Single White Female
Dog Day Afternoon (With Al Pacino!)
Kissing Jessica Stein
KashiMashi (Girl Meets Girl)
The Color Purple
How I Met Your Mother
Prison Break
Gossip Girl

... there are a TON of books, movies, and TV shows with homosexuals as the main characters. o.O
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Black Butler. Pretty sure Grell is a homosexual.
prayers for bobby has a gay main character and so does broke back mountain
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Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but a show I watched over this past summer, Saving Hope, where one of the main character, not a lead character, is a doctor at a hospital and his boyfriend is a nurse at the same hospital
clip here
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Nuts With Chocolate
Evany Star
Philadelphia is an amazing movie about discrimination against homosexuals and people with illnesses. It stars Tom Hanks and he won the academy award for best actor.

I really recommend this movie, so feel free to look it up.

someone beat me to putting Philadelphia... crap...

Well I was talking more along the lines of teen cartoons. (Not kids ones)
Edit: Or live action shows.
Sooo....fanboy properties? Action, sci-fi, fantasies, cartoons, comics, martial art sorta things? Its not easy but I can come up with a few....The Rocky Horror Show's pretty iconic. There are a number of main characters in comics lately but a lot of em are fairly minor, somewhat exploitative, or both. Batwoman, one of the Green Lanterns, they retconned the Rawhide Kid to be ambiguously gay as a joke, a number of the Exiles cast, one or two of the Runaways cast. The Doctor Who universe has been quite equal opportunity lately and Jack Harkness of Torchwood and Doctor Who swung both ways. One of the previous incarnations of the current companion, Clara, used to have a girlfriend. Even if not all of them are main characters, the fantasy worlds of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore tend to have very fleshed out gay characters. Good examples can be found in American Gods, Watchmen, Sandman, Promethea, and Lost Girls. I haven't seen the show, but I've heard there's some same sex relations amongst the Sailor Scouts. Karma and Northstar were groundbreaking for gay characters in comics, though I think making the French Canadian with spandex and pointy ears who shoots rainbows out of his hands might be a little stereotypical. I'll think of more if you want me to.
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I really don't see how a protagonists orientation would matter at all. If you watching an a** kicking action, the punches would be no different. If your watching a horror, the kills would be no different. The only movies I see it changing are comedy and romance. Romance would obviously have a same sex relationship, While a comedy would more than likely have gay jokes.

As for the romance example, if homosexual people preach that love is love and gender shouldn't define it, why would it even matter if the relationship in the movie is hetero or homo?
I'd also like to see any visible minority as a lead character. But sadly, television/film hasn't gotten to that point as yet.
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Well, I don't know about anime, but there are some shows out there with non-heterosexual main characters. Best example I could give would be the BBC series Torchwood. Although, technically, the main character is pansexual rather than gay.

However, I agree that there should be a little more variety when it comes to sexual orientation in the media. Our world is inhabited by more than just straight men and women, and I think that should be addressed in movies and television. 3nodding
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The great year of 2013, is it finally time for a main character whose - homosexual?!

Hopefully, seriously.

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