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Nuts With Chocolate
But society is to much of an a** clown to let it happen... stare ...

I would want it to be Luffy, Natsu, or just someone completely new.
What's your opinion on this? (And don't be a d**k about it.)

I agree with you, man! Living in a heterosexual society is hard for bisexuals and homosexuals to have a nide and decent role model.
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blow this popsicle stand

3. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) 5.7/18 - I'llgive you this one. almost all white straight cast

Sorry to disappoint you but Sheldon and Leonard are both played by gay actors.
i didn't know that. Add to the long list of gay or minorities in hollywood
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I'd follow a show with a homosexual main character, so long as the plot was continuously good.
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Well, there's Danny from Teen Wolf. He's not exactly a real main main character though. I'd really like to see more of him in season three.

But as far as portrayal goes, I think Danny's fairly decent. There's no real hatred towards him, his best friend is a jerk for other reasons than Danny's sexuality (and by reasons I mean it's Jackson), the main male character (Scott) doesn't act like Danny's a freak or anything (in fact there are several scenes which make me raise an eyebrow at Scott getting so close to Danny but y'know, Allison), Danny's shown with a boyfriend and dancing with other guys at the Jungle, and he's not all about his sexuality either, Danny's a lacrosse player (goalie mainly I think) and an expert with tech stuff too.

So yeah, I'd like to see more of Danny being more prominent.

Stile is debatable. He's more main and I personally read him as at least bisexual (Lydia and how he keeps after Danny about being attractive to gay guys) but that's just a fan read. It'd be nice though.

In fact, I think there was some talk about bringing bisexual characters into season three too. Which is great 'cause that moves a little closer to what my own sexuality actually is, plus more diversity is always a good thing.
You people, go to the comic book store or book store near you. Go find Batwoman: Elegy. Buy it. Read it. Then you can thank me.
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Aren't there gays in Degrassi?
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::. As Good As It Gets has Greg Kinnear playing a gay guy.
I suppose you would consider Jack Nicholson the main character though >.o
But I freakin' love that move <3 .::
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Male or female? Lost Girl is a pretty awesome show, the main character is a bi succubus.
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There are more openly gay characters portrayed on television
and in film than ever previously. This is the result of
generations of LGBT people dealing and standing up
to discrimination, prejudice, and violence. If you ask
me, those should be your role models. Real people who
went through real hell to gain the community real rights
as time rolls on.

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Deviantart // Quest Thread
I don't think you've been watching the right movies then darlin', cuz I've seen a ton of movies with gay main characters.
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Nuts With Chocolate
Evany Star
Philadelphia is an amazing movie about discrimination against homosexuals and people with illnesses. It stars Tom Hanks and he won the academy award for best actor.

I really recommend this movie, so feel free to look it up.

All right. I'll look it up.

Oh, I came a little too late to mention this movie.
You should definitely check out the film, I highly recommend it.. I mean, that is if you're not expecting gay sex, or anything of the sort. It's still a great film.

There is a particular tv show called Angels in America. They show... 3 major roles in the show, but one of them is a gay guy. There's definitely a lot of focus in his gay life.
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My wife got me into Torchwood. Had no idea the main character liked dudes. I started call him Captain Jack "Hardness"! It was a really great show. I mean he liked dudes and there were a lot of homoerotic moments in it, but it didn't stop the story from progressing. I actually helped moved it along significantly.

As far as main characters being gay in shows goes, I got no issues with it under certain conditions. I want to be entertained. I understand that gays have a lot going against them as far as equal rights goes. In fact the majority of Americans that are at least a little intelligent should be somewhat aware of it, at least. So when I watch a show with a gay main character I honestly don't want a crudely disguised political rights movement shoved down my throat. I want to watch an interesting show with an interesting plot. Oh and the main character just happens to be gay!
What about the show Oz? It's a prison drama and Chris Meloni plays a gay main character.

I mostly watched it because Chris is so sexy. Right? Am I right? Phew... redface
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A gay Natsu? Hmm...
Tbh, Natsu in any type of relationship just seems weird to me. He's an awesome character, but he's... not exactly at that maturity level, I don't think.

God, it seems like I've seen something with a gay protagonist, but it's not coming to me... Bah.

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