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Apparently there's a graphic novel version of Battle Royale? It sounds interesting, but really confronting. They apparently play up the senseless violence a lot.

The graphic novels are a waste of time IMHO. I loved the book, enjoyed the movie, and made it through 5 of the GNs. They really are just about the violence.
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I went into this franchise kinda with hesitance. While I liked the concept when I learned about the movie, it took me about 8 times of picking up and putting down the book before I finally committed myself to the first one. The Stephenie Meyer Stamp of Literary Approval is one of the deterrents that I remember from earlier this year. But, when I sat down and read the book, that locked my desire to watch the film. While I liked the broader picture that was painted out (ie: watching the games, not just getting Katniss's perspective through it, learning the back story in an ESPN like setting, and so on), I didn't care for certain portrayals that the film skimped on. Such as, those beasts during the last battle should have remained as significant as they were in the book. Not once did they speak that significance and had they done so, I feel that at very least the games would have been revealed to the viewer to be a lot more wicked than the sacrificial rite that at least Katniss knows them to be. Another huge thing was how they played out the Katniss x Peeta ship because it was not as romantic as the film lead the viewer to believe there either.

Either way, I look forward to reading Catching Fire before its film version comes out because I think I'll continue the trilogy. But definitely read the books, OP. I read the first one in about a week or less because it was just that good and the ending is a bit different.
Right, I'm sure this has all already been explained but here we go.

America is now a post-apocalyptic state called Panem. Panem was divided up into 13 Districts and the Capitol, the Capitol run Panem.
District 13 rebelled against the Capitol, provoking an all-out war between the Districts and the Capitol. The Capitol crushed the Districts and destroyed District 13, leaving only 12 Districts remaining.
As a reminder to how powerless the Districts are against the Capitol, every year the Capitol host an event called "The Hunger Games".
It begins with what's called "The Reaping", which is when names are drawn out of a glass container to decide who will be competing in The Hunger Games. Two children aged 12-18 are selected from each district to fight to the death. You can put your name in multiple times in return for amounts of food called Tesserae. Every year, you get your name put in an extra time, regardless of Tesserae.
When all 12 Districts have been reaped of 2 children each, the 24 children are put into an arena and forced to fight for survival.

That's the general backstory, but if you need anything else just hit me up. :3
They could not do the book justice without an R rating. They left our pivotal parts of the plot and edited things that should have been left alone. Several Important characters hardly got screen time and everybody was buff and clean when they were supposed to be starving.

This movie reminds me of the Twilight series. Terrible movies capitalizing on the ignorant youth.
It was a very cool movie!~ heart

I heart CATO! xd
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I went on a class trip in 8th grade to watch the movie, since we had read the book in class. I didn't think I was going to enjoy it, but I actually did. I just hate that now some of the violence in the world is going to be blamed on that movie. The movie was insanely swell though.
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I found it an alright movie but personally found it hard to follow cause I never read the books.
You've got the jist of it. However, your best bet would be to read the books--they're fantastic!! Of course, it goes without saying that the books are always better than the movies, and it rings true here. I have read all 3 and when I finally watched THG, I was a bit disappointed.
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Because that's how stories work; the character starts off in one place and through his or her arc ends up in a completely different place spiritually, emotionally etc. But here we know she's brave, passionate, noble and such and she closes out the movie the way she came into it, it's dull.

She's got a family depending on her back home she should have shanked that other kid the moment she found out that only one of them was going home. Instead we see that she doesn't really have to sacrifice to go home, she gets an easy out.

If a character has nothing to learn, if there's no room for change then that character is two dimensional and not particularly interesting to watch for 10 minutes let alone 2 hours.

Eh, well I disagree. I don't think a protagonist must always learn something in order for a story to be profound and engaging.

Katniss' story was an emotional one for most viewers; we watched her find courage and will when her back was pressed up against the wall. Although she may not have learned so moral or philosophical lesson from her experience - (well actually, she does, but you don't see her understanding until the last book) - I don't think that made the story any less thrilling.

Agreed. She is learning. Even though its about herself and you don't see it until the ending.
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I've read all three books. They were pretty good, but nothing overly exciting. Plus Katniss got annoying sometimes when she got all emo over Peeta and was like "I've failed to save Peeta baww I suck".
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read the book.
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i was actually suprosed they followed the book well, missed a few things like the mayors daughter. but they still did a good job. curious to see the second one-- they followed the book enough to make it--- unlike lightning theif
Hunger games is a brilliant movie but the whole concept was took from a japanese movie called battle royale.

Hunger Games - There is 12 districts throughout the world in HG and each realms children are placed in a lottery [device i suppose] and two are picked out to take part in the hunger games. Once all the players are picked there trained, interviewed. There placed in the battlezone and are given weapons in the middle and other bits but must fight to get the best item's. Only one can win so therefore they all must fight til the death. The remaining survivor is granted freedom.

Battle Royale - 42 students are forced by the government to take part in battle royale. There given a bath containing weapons and other supplies and everything they need before kicking them onto the island. They are then forced to kill each to be the remaining survival on the island and then there granted freedom.

See the similarities. I enjoyed the HGs but i think that is because i love the battle royale movies and it was extremely similar to that. There no doubt is going to be a second HG so cannot wait for that.
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Read the book.

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