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Have you watched Heroes before?

Yea it was great! 0.31531531531532 31.5% [ 35 ]
No.. never heard of it. 0.2972972972973 29.7% [ 33 ]
Yea and I wish they hadn't cancelled the show!! 0.21621621621622 21.6% [ 24 ]
Gold!!! 0.17117117117117 17.1% [ 19 ]
Total Votes:[ 111 ]
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Season 4 basically sucked, so that's why it was cancelled. My favorite character is Sylar and the power I would want is invisibility.

Nah, man. It's Season 3 that sucked - it had to pick up Season 2's rushed ending thanks to the Writer's Strike, and suffered for it, with a lot of characters (*cough*Maya*cough*) who would have had a purpose in the initial plan now being... basically wasted space.

Season 4 had a cool villain.
I liked the first season and then everything kinda went downhill. The show had so much potential
I liked the show. I watched all of seasons 1-3, but didn't finish 4 because it just got weird. I hope to finish it some day just to see how it ends (don't tell me). My favorite characters are Peter and Hiro. I didn't like what the did with Peter's character though.
Poll is bias. stare How about yes I watched it and only like the first season. Like most people. Or yes but I didn't get into it. Just saying. Anyways yeah I checked it out but it was too dumb and it kept getting dumper. Also didn't like the fact that why it had a nice minority cast it ended up becoming just like every other show out there in term of basically having an all white cast. Sylar was just a dumb character and should have died at the end of Villains. Same with a lot of characters really.

I agree about Sylar. I was so frustrated he hadn't been killed off yet. It was ridiculous.
I thought the first two seasons were really good, but I started loosing interest once I got to season 3.
I never heard of it xd
I loved that show! biggrin I also only saw 2 seasons I geuss...I heard it got really bad, but I never got a chance to see it for myself crying
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The second season got hit hard by the writers strike. The dvd features show the storyboards for the original idea. That's why everything after mid season two isn't as good. They had to scrap everything they had written.

But yah season 4 was just bad and they have no one to blame but themselves. It was all bad.
It's a show that pretty much fell apart after it's first season. Characters and their motivations kept getting rewritten, constantly, there was no real story goal and Syler kept getting needlessly shoehorned into stories that had absolutely nothing to do with him because that's what the fan girls wanted. The final season with the Carnival basically turned itself into a soap opera and if you cut out all the filler and utterly pointless subplots, you could pretty much condense it all into two episodes.

It's sad, too because it did show a lot of potential at first.

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