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I Miss Joey, but Joey series was BAD!
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great show. I have all of it on dvd. or atleast my wife does.
See, when I was a young teenager I thought Friends was amazing.
I kind of look at it now, see that it's on TV and change the channel if there's something (that I think) is better ^u^;
Like, I used to be a Ross fan girl when I was young, but now Chandler is pretty much the ONLY character I like if I DO watch the show.

Although I thought the episode where Ursula was a P"" Star using Phoebe's name was pretty funny.
one of my favorites was the episode where Ross got upset over his sandwich, i'd say i like Chandler and Joey the most.
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I've loved Friends since I was ten years old. I would sit and watch it with my sister or put it in on when I was alone because the show just made me feel better. In high school I borrowed the seasons from my sister and watched every single one. The show is amazing but like most shows, the longer it goes on, the worse it gets. It doesn't get awful like Supernatural, but it does lose some of it's quality. I still suggest watching all of the seasons because Friends is something you have to finish once youre in it, no matter how long that may take.
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It is impossible to pick a favorite episode there are just too many great moments. I have seen all the episodes and continue to watch them over and over again without getting tired of them. I think that I would have to say that Phoebe is my favorite character.

Some great moments that stick out to me:
"We were on a break"
When Phoebe gets possessed by the old woman.
When Phoebe figures out she mugged Ross.
When Ross and Elizabeth break up and she throw the water balloon at him.
I found it to be a rather fun series. Nothing special, but obscenely rerun in my country.
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FRIENDS is the only TV show that I can watch over and over again without fail. All of the characters are just so loveable. Ive been watching it for years. I think my personality has sort of moulded around it :/

Favourite episodes have got to be The One With Chandler in a Box, and the one where Ross is late for his dinosaur function and no one is ready.

But seriously, it's just an amazing show.
I love Friends, my brother and I watched it all the time. I love Chandler and Ross.

My brother and I still quote the show and laugh. So lame. Can't say I have a specific favorite episode though.
edit; wait, I love the one where Monica, Ross and Chandler start bringing up embarrassing things about each other. I think it's "The one with Rachel's assistant"

-Chandler entered a Vanilla Ice look a like contest and won!
-Ross came in forth and cried!
Friends is definitely one of my favourite shows EVAR!!!! I watch it when I'm feeling down and it always picks me :]. Chanandler Bong and Rachel are my favourite characters.
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I was saddened by the events in season 8 (I hated the Rachel-Joey angle). But this is still my favorite sitcom to date! heart heart heart
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jennifer aniston
oh my god

Ikr emotion_awesome
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jennifer aniston
oh my god

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