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1st & 2nd seasons are my favorites..don't like Paige, too pretty :q
oShut up Meg
I've seen a few episodes here and there.
It's alright.
I saw one episode where the girls each lose something, like sight, hearing and the ability to talk.
; o ;
I was like, "Omgggg, that old chick is gonna to snatch that babyyyy."
Idk, it was an interesting episode.
If I get the chance, I'll start from the beginning.

That is the season 5 episode Sense and Sense-ability. Best and funniest episode out of the whole series. I love it when Paige (who lost her ability to talk) was playing Charades with Phoebe (who lost her hearing). When Phoebe was like, "PMS monkey?" and Paige was like, "WTF?", I lost it. When Piper (who lost her sight) was like, "Ow. Who put that there?" after running into a table, I had to laugh because it was like she didn't know the set up of her own house. Other quotes that made me laugh was when Paige used her hand to tell Phoebe that she heard Piper and Leo and Phoebe said, "You hear puppets?" and Paige looks at her like, "Really, Phoebe?" and also when Leo says, "I see" and Piper says, "Well, I don't. WHERE IS PAIGE?"

Sorry for the long response. Just reading your post made me think about all of the hilarious stuff in that episode.
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I preferred the seasons with Prue, and I think maybe the first two with Paige. After they 'banished' Cole though, I began to lose interest, and then when they brought in Billie I stopped watching altogether.

Although, I still have yet to see the episode where Prue dies, and the episode where Andy dies. I can't find them on Netflix for some reason. confused

I've been rewatching the episodes lately though, almost forgot how much I liked it. I'm doing the same with Buffy too~
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freaking love this show.
I loved Charmed when I was younger. I stopped watching it when Billie joined, it just wasn't the same.

I was also upset when Cole was vanquished.
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I used to really like that show, but then watching it half a million times repeatedly,

made it exhausting and boring to watch.
Piper has got to be my favourite character on the whole show.

"We're watching the joys of homebirthing. Strangely I'm not feeling the joy"

"You find a way to control Chucky there!"

I could go on all day with favourite quotes biggrin
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I like Leo,Cole and Chris
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I watched it when it first came out and then all the re-runs. Now I own the whole series in a collector 's set. My favorite character is Piper, I identify with her really well

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