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Who else here LOVES Charmed? I can't get enough of that show, although some episodes I don't like because they're annoying. Like the ones that focuses on Phoebe and Cole. Anyways, I have some of the season 9 comics, and they're pretty interesting so far. What do you all think of the show?
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The only aspect of the show I really liked was the magic. I don't really like any of the characters. I love the theme song though and some of the actors were really hot (Drew Fuller (Chris) for an example).
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I've been a fan of charmed for so long,
My favorite episode is the very first and the very last.
The only aspect of the show I really liked was the magic. I don't really like any of the characters. I love the theme song though and some of the actors were really hot (Drew Fuller (Chris) for an example).

Oh, I know what you mean about Drew! And the one who played Wyatt (Wes Ramsey) appeared totally nude in the movie Latter Days and had sex scenes with another guy!
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My dad is pretty much obsessed with this show. He's been watching re-runs of it for the past few weeks, and it's getting a little old. Don't get me wrong, charmed is a pretty decent show and everything, but it does start to get annoying after awhile. I used to like Piper when I was younger, but now Phoebe is my favorite. I never really cared for Prue, so I didn't care when I realized she was gone(I've still never seen the episode where she was killed-off). And I always thought Paige was very pretty, but that's about it. Oh, and I really liked Cole. I was kinda sad to see him go.
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Cole has always been my favorite, I took it kind of personally when he was "banished". I stopped watching for a long time after that. I dont much care for Piper, she was sort of overbearing forme somehow (she physically reminded me of someone i once knew , who was something of a b***h). I also liked Wyatt a lot, but was turned off by the whole destiny switcheroo thing that happened to him. Otherwise i really enjoyed the rest of the series and charachers involved.
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I used to love Charmed so much! Paige & Chris were my favourites.
Have any of you read the season 9 comics? I have the first 7 of them. I think I paid like $15 on Ebay, which is a good deal considering they are normally sold for like $3.50 each. It's interesting because even though Leo is mortal, he gains powers from his dormant Whitelighter genes, and Prue returns.
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love love love.
Piper. phoebe. Paige.
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thats a pretty good show emotion_yatta
OMG...I love Charmed! I have seen every single episode of the series! My favorite episode is Sense & Sense-ability in Season 5. I think that is the most hilarious episode in the whole series.

My favorite male character is Leo and my favorite female character is Piper. My favorite couple in the series is, of course, Piper and Leo.

I would love to have Piper's powers the most. Of course, all of their powers would come in handy in certain situations. Orbing would really come in handy when travelling and when we need stuff that is out of reach.
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I miss this show
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I use to watch that show ALL the time with my dad.

I find it sad that Leo couldn't be with Piper and his child when he became the "chosen" one. u_u

I use to watch that show EVERYDAY, and I almost watched the entire series. I need to buy them on DVD again.
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It was an okay show. I probably would never buy it.
After seeing it all, I figured the show was over after the murder of Coal, after they threw those potions I was like well s**t. The show went down hill from there...it got worse and worse.
I hated how they ended the show too it was sad and they made sure it was impossible to make anything more after it. IF I do watch it again...I probably will only watch it up to the episode when they permanently vanquish Coal then I'll stop it from there.

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