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Who would win? Captain Kirk or Spock?

Captain Kirk. 0.22881355932203 22.9% [ 27 ]
Spock. 0.57627118644068 57.6% [ 68 ]
They will both commit suicide. 0.19491525423729 19.5% [ 23 ]
Total Votes:[ 118 ]
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Yeah, Kirk can try- But any ownage is merely held back by Spock.
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If they really wanted to kill each other, I think Spock would win hands down. They fought a couple times in the original series (Amok Time and This Side of Paradise?), and each time Spock won, or would have if he hadn't held back. That was the case in this new movie, too.

You just can't pwn Spock, though Kirk always gives a valiant effort xd

Spock won during the Kanut-Kali-Fee in amok time because McCoy injected him with a hyporspray that would knock Kirk out and give the effects is he was dead.
I'm going to have to go with Spock
even though i hate star trek, i would say spock
to me he is kindof cute
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Spock would win. Vulcans are four times stronger than humans, so even half-Vulcan he is much stronger than a human.

even though i hate star trek, i would say spock
to me he is kindof cute

Good god, Twilight fans are shallow.
To me OF COURSE CAPTAIN KIRK WOULD WIN!!.......wait.....well....idk because spock wooped kirks a** on the movie when kirk had to make him all emotional 2 become captain. sweatdrop confused
Alta Celeste Este
Spock could beat kirk with one hand tied behind his back.

Yes, and while intoxicated too I'm willing to bet.
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spock would totaly win
Spock would definitely win, he's much stronger than Jim. Plus Spock is SUPER Smexy! heart
heart heart heart xp whee
Spock. Duh. mrgreen
Captain Kirk beat Spock once. Can he do it again?...

nope. he just got lucky... and he beat him twice... in amok time and the other side of paradise...
spock is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 blaugh
spock!! blaugh
Spock would win, he has the vulcan pinch on his side
I think Kirk would just seduce Spock and they'd get it on.

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