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The season 13 premiere of American Idol is January 15th!
Welcome Idol lovers, likers, and loathers, let's get some rules out of the way!
1. Be POLITE, nice or politely mean, NOT Rude
2. Be on topic (As long as it's somehow related to American Idol it's alright)
3. Keep in mind Gaia's other rules
4. have FUN mrgreen
5. Also, don't quote the first two posts; they're really, really long and I don't want to read my own words twice XD
*If you have no idea what-in-the-world is going on here, there's plenty of info on "americanidol.com" *
*And if you need/want to catch up, American Idol posts videos of performances and stuff on their Youtube!*

Sometimes I watch this show and I love it and some days are...meh, but there's always stuff to talk about.
-Let this be a place where we all join together to talk about Idol while it's live on tv
-What's your favorite/nonfavorite season?
-Who's your favorite for season 13?
-Who's your favorite Ever?
-How do you think the judges/host are doing?
-favorite audition (good or bad; or wtf)

purplegnomes' favorite(s) Season 13
*Majesty Rose Top 9
*Caleb Johnson

purplegnomes's favorites of all time:
Season 12
Candice Glover
Season 11
Phillip Phillips
Jessica Sanchez
Skyler Lane
Heejun Han
Season 10
James Durbin
Haley Reinhart
COLTON DIXON (Technically xd )
Season 9
. . . xd
Season 8
Adam Lambert
Danny Gokey
Season 7
David Archuleta
Michael Johns
Carly Smithson
Season 6
Jordin Sparks
Season 5
Kellie Pickler
Season 4
Carrie Underwoood
Bo Bice
Season 3
Jennifer Hudson
Season 2
Clay Aiken
Season 1

*All CAPS means I Love them* *All CAPS and Giant Letters means I Love them to Death* whee
Feel Free To Share Your Own!
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Fanatical Visionary

Recaps, Season 11!

THE FINALE:Jessica and Phillip were the last two standing; I will say that out of the two coronation songs, Phillip's was my fave. Plus Scotty McCreery with his send-idols-off song and JaSOn DEruUUlo brought to you by Coca Cola xd Plus, an awesome night full of fun group songs by the reunited top 12, idols singing with their "idols", the phonebook song XD, Rihanna with her smash-of-the-day, and more plug-ins by Aerosmith and Jennifer Lopez. Congratulations to Phillip Phillips, the new, or "new" (if you're WGWG paranoid), American Idol!! YAY!
TOP *3*! Homecoming!: Ah yes, the annual Idol coming-home party celebration. We'll watch as we see them overwhelmed with a taste of superstardom, plus a lot of crying probably rolleyes
What crazy songs do you think the judges and Jimmy are going to pick for the contestants?
TOP *4*!: David Cook rocked out on a brand new song "The Last Song I'll Write For You"- and I LOVE IT! emotion_kirakira heart It's on iTunes now too! Plus, JLo did an epic performance of her new smash "Dance Again".
Top 4 was a night of success and major OMG moments. For example, Jessica and Hollie singing while on a swing set-wrap your head around that- Phillip being unapologetically awesome, and Joshua's show-stopping "It's a Mans Mans Mans World"; as much as I usually don't like him he was SO EPIC!
Sweet and Kind Hollie Cavanaugh got eliminated and sang "The Climb": a song that will cement her in the Idol yearbook-and her superlative is "The Next Sanjiah".JK X3
TOP *5*!= Skylar has been eliminated- I am sad emotion_8c I'm going to be brutally honest here: I think Hollie is trolling the show- NOT because I don't like her!- 5 WEEKS IN A ROW she has been in the bottom 3, 4 TIMES in bottom 2, and everyone else with her was eliminated (the week of Jessica's save doesn't count XD) That is some Epic coincidence if not a conspiracy.
I like Carrie Underwood and Coldplay too :3 (even though I missed their performances XD)
TOP *6*= They all sang Queen. Elise is eliminated. Katy Perry and Stefano Langone performed. That's it. I didn't watch this episode xd
TOP *7* The Sacrifice= How do you top 1 shocking elimination? With another: Colton Dixon was eliminated. Now, I know there's a majority here that thought that he did the worst this week, but WTF AMERICA? Elise and Hollie definitely had way, WAY more mediocre/bad performances in weeks before, and they had the miraculous advantage of not being the worst. At least with Colton, He had Stellar performances, some even were the best of the nights; but alas, never received standing ovations from the judges...until after he was eliminated. Meanwhile, Joshua gets a standing ovation EVERY SINGLE TIME; he could sing "I'm On A Boat" and still get a standing ovation. Life makes no sense sometimes emotion_facepalm I will admit Phillip did good.
TOP *7*! THE SAVE!= Holy mother of Zeus tonight was amazing! Everyone did good, but a few did EPIC: Colton, Jessica, Skylar. However, the group performances were all really weird, in their own weird way; maybe because they're the Same groups as last week? Well, Akon was there, but he didn't help much. Plus: JAMES DURBIN and JENNIFER HUDSON YAAAAY!!
Apparently, America was hung over last night JESSICA SANCHEZ got the LOWEST VOTES. WTF? Those judges didn't even think twice; they all got on that stage, interrupted her song, and SAVED her YES! She sings like a legend!
Top *8*! RECAP!: 80s Night! Don't count these people out! -*Skylar*, Joshua, Jessica. Everyone did their best and the group songs were really good. Kelly Pickler and The Wanted stopped by too. DeAndre was the next one that left-we'll miss his hair.
Top *9*! RECAP!: Pretty much everyone did a really really great job this week. Some people did so good to the point of tears, and it was moving to watch...seeing them become real and who they are as artists. My standouts were Colton, Jessica, Phillip, and Elise, and Heejun...and DeAndre...pretty much everyone XD Of course every happy day has to have a Scrooge, so Jimmy practically ripped everyone apart with his criticism, either for not singing good enough or being too emotional, or both scream .
Nicki Minaj did the weirdest performance of "Starships" I've ever seen, and Scotty sang his new song and got presented with a Platinum record :3
Heejun got eliminated and now we are all sad. crying Phillip+Heejun= Epic Bromance over </3
TOP 10 RECAP: Colton Dixon sang "Piano Man", and I was in such a state of euphoria I gave away art for the occasion. Billy Joel week, in my opinion, was a success. Heejun was a riot; he practically split the nation in half. Other standouts were Phillip, Elise, and Jessica; Erika got a major change in haircut, but unfortunately she was eliminated this week. Also, a "moving" performance by Lana Del Rey and another from the awesome Haley Reinhart. Aerosmith got together for Steven Tyler's birthday! So now, everyone that's left gets to live in a swanky mansion!
TOP 12 11 RESULTS!: So awesome that there's a top 10 already, and they're going on tour! Except Shannon, she sang the same song that got her eliminated and still got eliminated anyway. Plus Jermaine got disqualified. Demi sang pretty good and Daughtry kicked butt as usual. Then the Ford video had them all in a "haunted" house- haunted meaning it's haunted with ghosts of bad singers; JK whee Those videos turn out to be the cheesiest part of the show; can't wait to see what craziness they come up with next week.
TOP 13 RESULTS!: Lauren Alaina and Mary J Blige Performed. Meanwhile Elise and Jeremy were in the bottom 2, with Jeremy leaving, which is sad...until realizing your other favorites is still in! If you have any? whee
TOP 25 RESULTS: So, half of everyone went home, and it was dramatic. The first hour, one by one the top 10 was filled, then the second hour were the 3 wildcard picks- Some of them made us proud and claimed the last spots, Jeremy, Erika, and Deandre- and Reed Grimm...well he was Reed Grimm, he didn't make it, because seriously it was emotion_donotwant emotion_facepalm other than that, the finalists this year are solid and I'm very glad of the outcome.
TOP 12 GIRLS: Girls slayed it last night. Musical drama ensued when two girls picked the SAME song! Some amazing standouts came, like Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanaugh, but others did so awful I won't even say their names (saving the embarrassment). Overall, great!
TOP 13 GUYS: So, we got a first taste of how all the guys perform live and it was definitely a tough night for voters. Let's see, we got dudes singing like women, dudes singing women songs, dudes dancing, dudes playing instruments, dudes dancing AND playing instruments, dudes dancing ON instruments, and...Steven Tyler. Congrats to Jermaine Jones for coming back!
Top 24 Decisions Part 1: 14 spots filled, 10 to go! Some shocking eliminations *Cough* Lauren Gray *cough* sometimes make you wonder what those judges are thinking and why. Luckily some good ones made it like Jessica Sanchez, Heejun Han, Colton Dixon, Phil Phillips, Creighton, Erica Van Pelt, and a bunch of other people whose names I should learn later sweatdrop
Top 24 Decisions Part 2: What a night, wow. Hallie Day, Eben Frankowitz, Adam Brock, and bunches of other people were the last to make it to the live shows. There's four guys though we thought didn't make it, and one of them will be added to the live shows, but WE DON'T KNOW WHO IT IS! What a tease emotion_0A0

THIS...is Open!
I love Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon. I like some others I just can't recall there names right now.
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I can't bear the thought of Colton Dixon not making the top 24...especially not after last year. DX

The red-head guy didn't even make it far, at all.
I can't bear the thought of Colton Dixon not making the top 24...especially not after last year. DX

The red-head guy didn't even make it far, at all.

Yeah, that would totally suck. Especially since they kind of made him audition even though he didn't want to do it this year.
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So, tonight we start figuring out who's in the top 24...anyone anxious? about to explode?
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Heejun Han makes my lady loins quiver. heart
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It's coming on NOW!
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Jen Hursh Made it! Hopefully they do this all in one night so I don't have to wait any longer DX
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Creighton made it
WTF Lauren Gray didn't make it?!
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Gosh I'm so nervous right now XD
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there's another hour, and another episode tomorrow. Oh my goodness.
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Oh man, I banking on Heejun making it. I don't know about that cowboy, it's like day & night with that person.
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Yay Heejun!
Can't wait to find out about Phillip, Colton, etc!

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