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Yes 0.84899598393574 84.9% [ 1057 ]
No 0.017670682730924 1.8% [ 22 ]
They're Okay 0.062650602409639 6.3% [ 78 ]
Who are they.. 0.070682730923695 7.1% [ 88 ]
Total Votes:[ 1245 ]
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It hasn't really been THAT long.

And if you want something new, try and get to one of the concerts. They're touring North America this summer.
Got a link to their schedule??
Their myspace?


I track them using ticket master, cause I'm in Canada. Which reminds me. Tickets went on sale TODAY for toronto!
Darn, they're not coming ANYWHERE near me. =(
My husband bought a ticket for their show. Lucky. D:

As for me. I JUST saw the Prime Time of Your Life video..creepy AS ********.
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Get on my level.

It doesn't even look like the logo. Have fun explaining it constantly if you ever reach 60.

hey! ******** you!


Oh god, he does have pikachu.
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hey every1 the names swiper. I was on the old official thread, people kept spamming it n it went 2 the chatterbox. But there is a daft punk guild, run by some of the people from the old thread. Check it out if u want. the link will b in my sig, click the banner
Well... I think I just might go to one up north!
ARGHH they're awesome! but what really annoys me is tha they're on like three ring tone commercials in the background and im like HOLEH GOD TIZ DAFT PUNK! and people are like "wuh?..." and plus i hate the ringtones and it makes me wanna go listen to teh song...
i got daft punk tattooed on my knuckles bitches.
Have fun trying to get a job.
lol, you could've at least gotten the name written in the font they used on one of their CDs.
Lolz. Look! I'm Stella from Interstella 5555.
thats wicked. heart
Aye. I wish my skin could be blue. D:

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