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This guy is up and coming. you guys should definitely check him out.

Artist DJ Fez
Song: Heart Waves
Genre: Progressive (House/Trance/Electropop), Dubstep, and Hiphop (Mashup).

***Website*** - http://www.facebook.com/DJF3Z

Artist: Mommaz
Song: Spectrum Remix
Genre: Progressive House
URL: http://play.beatport.com/contests/zedd-spectrum/4fed272fb8ed74458d000285
Electric Shock
Electronic Pop or dance
Korean Pop music, new song, girl group, all-kill on several music charts according to allkpop.com, over 6 million views on Youtube in 2 days

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So sorry I can't give all about new musician in Indonesia to this thread, but atleast if you wanna check newest musician in Indonesia, so please be my guest in: Lepaskendaly.
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Tipsy Businessman

I'll throw up a track here by Zac Darmon. Some really chill House tones here.

Zac Darmon - Space Mission
This track is off his FREE to download album: Enlightenment. You want it? HERE it is

Enjoy! ;D

If any of you EDM music producers are looking for any sort of Label, send Limbic Records a demo and a message stating why you want to be a part of a growing Indie Record Label.
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Cyril L. Gambino
In attempts to allow users to share to the forum their favorite artists, this thread here will allow users to go a step further in getting the word out there.

The objective here is simple: supply some small information about a group and a song, and then let other users share their favorites as well. This is to let other people get exposed to other groups and styles, so be sure to be as specific as you can. Here is the format that you should use:

- Artist
- Song
- Genre
- Comments (any additional notes, such as what the song sounds like, or anything else that can be added here if it includes the genre being named)
- URL to Band Website

With that said and done, let's lay out the rules for you all.

1. Please be sure to follow the forum guidelines and Gaia's rules and Terms of Service.
2. This thread is not a hangout thread or a replacement for the Chatterbox. Please refain from posting something that does not relate to the topic.
Note - Comments are allowed, as long as they pertain to someone else's list.
3. Do not harrass, flame, or insult anyone else for their taste or mistake in genre labeling.
4. With this being an electronic forum, please limit your recommendations to electronic artists.
5. Any links that are directed to any music should be that legally shared by the band/artist on their official site.

Now that we have the rules down, let's begin! I'll start off.

Artist: De/Vision
Song: I Regret
Genre: Synthpop
Comments: Personally, I think the VNV Nation remix of this song is the one that should be heard. It provides a better beat to the song.
Band Site: http://www.devision.de/english/index.html
The Jack Spookie
Song: http://soundcloud.com/thejackspookie/hausofgagafix - Haus of Gaga mix, 15 mins of Lady Gaga remixes.
Genre: Electo House, DnB, Dubstep, J-Core & More!
http://soundcloud.com/thejackspookie or http://theillbeat.com/thejackspookie

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