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Artist: Spor
Song: 103 Degrees
Genre: Drum 'n' Bass / Breakbeat
Comments: Really dirty, amazing sounding drum 'n' bass.
Band Site: http://www.myspace.com/spor
Todd Edwards

Like a Fire or Gravity's Rainbow(Klaxons remix)

Todd Edwards

2 step, UKGarage, house, awesome

Todd Edwards rocks...
Fighter X

local dude his name is nickolas, very talented live check out myspace.com/fighterxtreme
Artist: DJ Rolando
Song: Knight of the Jaguar
Genre: Detroit Techno / Tribal

UR deserve some respect.
Artist: Forevernights Productions
Website: Forevernights Productions Main Page
Genre: Trance/breakbeat/other
Description: The virtual home of Forevernights Productions, a DJ group based out of Reno, Nv. Pushing the limits of EDM, this group experiments with multiple genres.
Artist: Aural Vampire
Song: Darkwave Surfer
Genre: Synthpop/Electroclash
Comments: Japanese but definitely not J-pop in the slightest. It is impossible to sit still while listening to Darkwave Surfer, because it is incredibly hyper.
Band Site: http://www.auralvampire.com/index2.htm
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song:beautifull of blue,a siren soliloquy
They're coming to take me away.
Artist: Cryda Luv`
Song: Quota
Genre: French House
Comments: Cryda Luv is DJ PuiPui. The project seems to function as a tribute to Crydamoure-style funky filtered house. Fantastic.
Band Site: http://www.myspace.com/crydaluv
- artist: SuperGreenX
- song: Mario Paint (Intense Color)
- Genre: Electronic
- Comments: its sick! mrgreen
- URL: http://sgxmusic.com/
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Sonir Am
Artist: DJ Rolando
Song: Knight of the Jaguar
Genre: Detroit Techno / Tribal

UR deserve some respect.
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That song's a club classic <3
Great choice, it's wonderful.

Quick add:
*artist: Shameboy
*song: Strobot
*Genre: electro/dance ((I'm sorry I'm not good at labeling and nitpicking genres))-
*Comments: if you like Alter Ego, Blackstrobe and the such, you'll really enjoy this. It was a huge club/festival hit where I come from and that's completely justified.
*URL: x ((I'm not sure of if Strobot is still up though-but their other tunes are rad as well, 'specially Splend It)) ^_^
Artist: Grendel
Genre: Industrial/Electronica/Electro

Anyone remember Zombie Nation? These are the guys who did that song. =)

Artist: Psyclon Nine
Genre: Metal/Black Metal/Industrial

These guys are effin' amazing, in my opinion.

Artist: Dawn of Ashes
Genre: Techno/Electronica/Trance

Just recently got into them, some pretty heavy stuff.

Artist: God Module
Genre: Industrial/Electronica/Gothic

These guys are pretty awesome too. =)

By the wayyyy...lol

Kernkraft 400 wrote Zombie Nation and Grendel remixed it...lol

Artist ~ Necessary Response
Genre ~ Industrial / Techno / Gothic (That is what myspace says but you all know they lie...LIES!!!!! >_< wink
URL ~ http://www.myspace.com/necessaryresponse

I would recommend a song but they are all really good...and his best isn't on myspace or anywhere else on the internet...I suggest if you can download the album...

If not...Listen to Vapor
Artist: Otto von Schirach
Song: Gargling Stomach Rainbow
Album: Pukology 2x7
Genre: breakcore/IDM/hip-hop
Comments: Delightfully well-done excrement.

Artist: End.user
Song: Red Meth
Album: Run War
Genre: breakcore/hip-hop/raggacore
Comments: Hometown proud [Cincinnati, OH]. A must for any person enjoying Bong-Ra or Shitmat's works.
Artist: Krapulax
Genre: French House
Comments: KRAPULAX IS THE s**t
Band Site: http://www.myspace.com/krapulax
Artist Capsule
Song Jelly
Genre Shibuya-kei (bossa nova, lounge, breakbeat, and electronica)
Comments I absolutely adore this song. It is in Japanese, but it has an amazing beat. Good vocals, and producer is flippin' amazing. <3 This song is one of my favorites. [:

click here. for the song

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