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- Artist - DJ Matto
- Song - Angels Fly (DJ Dean remix is cool too)
- Genre - idk all i know is it's techno.
- Comments - beautiful song, i guess not exactly for hardstyle only people...
- URL - srry
Artist: VULPvibe Records/whatever names he has. It's all the same artist, just marking different styles.
Genre: A little of everything, but I think mostly rave.
Comments: It appears extremely... uh, "Furry," at first glance without listening to it (the cover art for example, and some of the track names). If you're bothered by that, listen to it first. It's just plain great music.

URL: http://vulpvibe.bandcamp.com/
Someone already beat me to Infected Mushroom and Ferry Corsten.

I didn't want to repeat anyone else here so I checked all the posts... don't think anyone mentioned:

- Artist: Gui Boratto
- Song: Any! ex. Paradise Circus
- Genre: I've become out of touch with the precise electronic genres, if anyone could let me know that would be much appreciated.
- Comments: Since I'm not familiar with genres, I probably can't succinctly describe what the song sounds like - it's .... mellow. I'm sorry I'm so incompetent.
- URL: http://www.myspace.com/guiboratto
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i like emo music

In that link is some really awesome background music and I can't find the name of the song. If you can find out the name and provide me with a download link or youtube link of it I will give you a rare Item.
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The best it`s gonna get
Industrial,Rock,Electro and many others
Ummm.... why dont you tell me,listen to the song and convince yourself that Klayton(aka Celldweller) is one of the best industrial ARTIST.It sounds so much different and so much better than most music bands.
I love above and beyond have all their stuff. And all the Ajunabeats stuff. Love the Kroos. But will check that phynn out thanks for the rec. man.
The Takeru Takaishi, agreed. Celldweller is awesome. <3

- Artist: Jabberwock
- Song: Fake
- Genre: Electro-industrial, electro punk, electroclash(?)
- Comments: Extremely catchy, tongue-in-cheek and angsty. It's the perfect introduction to Jabberwock's music.
- URL: Some of their songs, including Fake are on their official webpage.
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- Artist: Gorillaz
-Song: 19-2000
- Genre: The song I think would be put in electronic, but the Gorillaz are placed in Alternative
-Comments: The Gorillaz play a variety of song types from Rock to Electronic to Hip Hop, thus placing them in the Alternative genre. 19-2000 is a song from their first self titled album. I recommend seeing the music video before listening to the song itself
-Band Website: http://gorillaz.com/
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Artist - Basement Jaxx
Song - Where's your head at?
Genre - electric,techno
Comments, its kind like one of those really trippy dreams were your running from somthing. ya know

Artist -aphex twin
Song - film
Genre - (unknow)
Comments, the (aphex twins) its like a nightmare, but it makes you think about life and the things we take for granted. definently a band that is still undergrounds, (sorry for not knowing the ganra), but ya a good pick
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Artist - Silver Apples
Song - Love Fingers
Genre - Electronic/Psychedelic
Comments - Just thought I'd remind you all a bit on the origins of electronic. A bit frightening, I know.
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Artist: The Lawyer
Song: Yo DJ
Genre: Hardstyle/Gabber
Comments: Played at the '96 Thunderdome in Rotterdam. I believe this is his best song, though many would say his most successful was his house track "I Wanna Mmm".
Artist Site:www.last.fm/music/The+Lawyer

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