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In attempts to allow users to share to the forum their favorite artists, this thread here will allow users to go a step further in getting the word out there.

The objective here is simple: supply some small information about a group and a song, and then let other users share their favorites as well. This is to let other people get exposed to other groups and styles, so be sure to be as specific as you can. Here is the format that you should use:

- Artist
- Song
- Genre
- Comments (any additional notes, such as what the song sounds like, or anything else that can be added here if it includes the genre being named)
- URL to Band Website

With that said and done, let's lay out the rules for you all.

1. Please be sure to follow the forum guidelines and Gaia's rules and Terms of Service.
2. This thread is not a hangout thread or a replacement for the Chatterbox. Please refain from posting something that does not relate to the topic.
Note - Comments are allowed, as long as they pertain to someone else's list.
3. Do not harrass, flame, or insult anyone else for their taste or mistake in genre labeling.
4. With this being an electronic forum, please limit your recommendations to electronic artists.
5. Any links that are directed to any music should be that legally shared by the band/artist on their official site.

Now that we have the rules down, let's begin! I'll start off.

Artist: De/Vision
Song: I Regret
Genre: Synthpop
Comments: Personally, I think the VNV Nation remix of this song is the one that should be heard. It provides a better beat to the song.
Band Site: http://www.devision.de/english/index.html
- Artist: M1Dy
- Song: Freedom
- Genre: Speedcore
- Comments: I was pleasently suprised when I heard freedom. It has this happy hardcore-esque Melody that is still fairly distenct even after the beat kicks in. Sadly, He doesnt have it for DL on his site or his Soundclick. So just p2p or even better. Buy Japanese Muthafacka
- URL to Band Website: www.soundclick.com/M1Dy
Artist:Process of Elimination
Song: Culture?
Genre: EBM
Comments: This project is definately a great pick if you like dancy ebm.
Band Site: www.processofelimination.net
Artist: Machinae Supremacy
Song: Steve's Quest
Genre: Chiptune/Metal
Comments: Yeah, it's CHIPTUNES AND METAL. This reminds me of gameboy music. I like their other stuff better but since this track is sidchip-heavy I thought it'd be more appropriate for the electronic forum.
Band Site: www.machinaesupremacy.com
Song URL: http://www.machinaesupremacy.com/music/machinae_supremacy-steves_quest.mp3

Artist: Neuroticfish
Song: WakeMeUp!
Genre: Uh, they don't want to be called Futurepop or EBM, but they sure sound like it
Comments: Sometimes I'm not sure exactly sure how the lyrics go together but they're still pretty catchy.. o/` Just remember what I said, Don't wake me up when I am dead o/`
Band Site: http://www.ebmisdead.com/
Though their site is currently down stare
- Halou, R/R Coseboom
- Eejit
- Glitchy electro... soft
- Amazing Sound, Vocals are great.....something to chill down to...
- www.dynamophone.com -- this is where you can download a cast of them and three other artist like them... free!!! wonderful stuff...

*message me if you like ... love to hear feed back
- Artist : Phynn
- Song : Tempest
- Genre : Epic Trance
- Comments: New star who is as epic as Above and Beyond
- www.myspace.com/finnephynn
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Artist - Moby
Song - Thousand
Genre - Electronic... dunno what sub
Comments - A song that brings me back to the day when Moby was a pioneer instead of the sellout he is today
URL to Website - http://www.moby.com/

Artist - Korsakoff
Song - My Empty Bottle
Genre - Hardcore
Comments - Actually produced by Catscan but released under his wife's name on T3M (The Third Movement) with a lil help from Promo, get it on vinyl and it comes with Pressure On The Fakes, a great song from Promo
Artist - DKDENT
Song - Lecons Francaises
Genre - Electronica / Pop / Glam
Comments - Really catchy stuff, reminds me of a "happier" ladytron I guess. Heavy on the moog, gotta love it.
URL to Website - http://myspace.com/dkdent
Song: Sinus Problem
Genre: EBM/Experimental/IDM
Comments: Great choice for dance tunes that aren't nessecarily 4/4 timing. Great layered experimental dance music. Check Haujobb out.
Band Site: http://www.myspace.com/haujobbmusic and http://www.planetmyer.de/
Artist - Otto von Schirach
Song - Tea Bagging The Dead
Genre - Breakbeat/IDM/Industrial/Grindcore/Gangsta Rap/Experimental
Comments - A ******** immense artist, who is everything good.
Band site - Official Home Page MySpace Page
I'll echo Kauffy on this one...

Artist - Realicide
Song - callous dah mer
Genre - DIY happy hardcore/grindcore/noise/punk, littered with anxiety attacks
Comments - ******** mental. everyone in the band has killer solo material as well (Mavis Concave, Robert Inhuman, Aaronquinn etc.)
Band site - myspace: http://www.myspace.com/realicide
soundclick: http://www.soundclick.com/realicide
Artist - VNV Nation
Song - Beloved
Genre - Industrial (Not really good on genres, sorry...)
Comments - Absolutely wicked 7 1/2 minute song. My personal favorite part is the reprise - it sounds so...epic.
Band Site - http://www.vnvnation.com

Artist - Sun Lounger
Song - White Sand
Genre - Trance-y
Comments - Very laid back, smooth sounding track. If anyone here listens to ASOT, you've probably heard it.
- Artist nick and erina
- Song observed death by sex, death of the samuri, importing "free bass".
- Genre drum n bass/experimental
- Comments if slipknot were drum m bass..they'd sound like nick and erina
- URL to Band Website http://www.myspace.com/nickanderinazproduction

- Artist Edison Gem
- Song N/A
- Genre vocal trance
- Comments there original name was orion and jadis. orion does the sounds, jadis does the vocals.
- URL to Band Website http://www.myspace.com/orionandjadis

- Artist AAAAA
- Song Ace 5
- Genre Tokyo Style Drum n Bass
- Comments if only m1dy could get together with him...or at least sharpnel.
- URL to Band Website www.myspace.com/aaaaa

- Artist M1DY
- Song Tokyo Style Speedcore
- Genre Speedcore/ Drum n Bass
- Comments When he collaborated with DJ Sharpnel it was like heaven!!!
- URL to Band Website

ill put more later?
Artist~ Infected Mushroom
Song~ Disco Mushroom
Genre~ Trance/Psycadelic/Goa
Comments~ Very diverse. Some music is rather dark, some is much happier. Some is more industrial, others are more classical. Some have Synthpop influences and some have Hip Hop influences. I'm pretty sure they have something for everyone.
URL to Band Website~ http://www.infected.co.il/

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