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Kodeine ~ Technical and nasty producer i stumbled across. I had never heard his name previously, but he made so many websites for so many dnb scenes, big and small. He's been around for quite a while, and his music is awesome. Ruff but with lots of little detail. Innit!

Deliverance - 7.6mb (160kBits/s)

Styx - 8.7mb (160kBits/s)

Black Helix - 7.9mb (160kBits/s)

Sabertooth - 7.7mb (160kBits/s)

Nosebleed - 8.5mb (160kBits/s)

Anyone here listen to the Aphex Twins?

Aphex Twin*

It is one person. The other twin is his dead brother or something.

Edit: And oh yeah, I'll post my newest demo which I should finish sometime this week.

I am DJ What the Bleep representing Rudeboi Badgurl Connection.

unique, softer electronica

rawr, very amateur progressive electronica / idm / expiremental.

EDIT: If your ganna listen, make the first song you listen to the song on the top of my track listing and work your way down.
is this like techno? ps me please?
The world could not exist without the horror that is The Amish Brothers:
Don't ask any questions, just listen to the first song! rofl
Lets go daft punk yyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
lastnight i had a dream about you in this dream im dancing right besides you and it looked like every one was having fun the kind of feeling ive waited so long

dont stop come a little closer as we jam the rythymgets a little stonger thers nothing wrong with just a little fun we were dancing all night long

the time is right to put my hands aroud you you're feeling right you wrapped your arms around too but suddenly i feel the shining sun before i knew it this dream was all gone

ooh i dont know what to do about this dream and you i wish this dream comes ture

ooh i dont know what to do about this dream and you we'll make this dream come ture


why dont u play the game2x heart heart heart heart heart heart

its interesting that daft punk switches every cd. for instance, their first cd was like cut up house/electro. then discovery is like pure dance with lyrics and everything, then human after all is like a little darker with rock like guitars.
My friend scott makes some cool s**t...


Search his posts, he puts up some cool stuff.

my first dnb track. only thing I find with it it's a bit bass-lite....which considering the genre isn't really a good thing. sweatdrop Someday I'll slap on a nice beefy 808 BD to fatten it up. Still it's worth checking out for the great samples from the movie The Andromeda Strain.

looks like they closed my account. sweatdrop
PAge can't be displayed. Sorry! sweatdrop
ha! ive been waiting for this:
please enjoy.

I haven't written anything new in a long while.... too busy with other things.

My stuff is glitchy idm, some downtempo.

I use BUZZ for almost everything, save for a few plug-ins, and my Oxygen 8 midi controller.

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