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Not entirely sure if this is the right forum for this but ah well never mind.

Who's a fan of DnB? Who are your avourite artists?

My favourites have to Bad Company, Andy C and Pendulum
tho there are soo many more I love too
yeah, this is the third possibly fourth d&b thread to pop up, lol.
good man for liking Andy C though, the man is pretty much the king of drum n bass right now. those Ram trilogy singles are just pure class A club fodder.
the ram triology's have been sick, i just got #6, i like Dillinja, Bad Company, Roni Size, Dj SS, Dynamite MC, Noisia, Evol Intent, DJ Friction, Mayhem 3nodding
ah yes, all hail Dillinja the bass god... i met the man whose mastered a lot of his stuff recently actually, thoroughly top bloke.
Awesome, yeah the RAM guys are truly mighty. And I love twisted individual but mainly for his track titles. An when I'm feelin retro nothin beats a nice bit of aphrodite

hehe, keep seein your name cropin up super-8 smile
ah yes, all hail Dillinja the bass god... i met the man whose mastered a lot of his stuff recently actually, thoroughly top bloke.

Saw Dillinja at glastonbury, think he played a set with Lemon D, twas feckin ace, they weren't scheduled to play they just came on instead of this rubbish house act, I was right in the front row an fully lovin it biggrin
i originally set up this thread as a poll but it doesn't seem to be there anymore. Have i been modded or have i messed up somewhere?
In the words of a wise man "buggered if I know"
ya they're all great. I saw AK1200, Dieselboy and Dara at Planet of the Drums. Noisa is great. I love atmospheric.
Noisia is on my friends record label 3nodding

U meet Dillinja Super-8?!?!?! i would love to meet him some day,

i also went to planet of the drums and that was amazing i must say, a ******** crazy show
Hmmm, I'd have to say I really like Blu Mar Ten and sometimes Roni Size. Dieselboy can be awsome at times, but I haven't heard enough from him to really like him yet.
that last Roni Size album was awesome... as for Blu Mar Ten, ive always liked them more for their slower musical excursions.
Dieselboy's done a couple of cracking tracks like invid but mostly a little boring imo. Roni size is the daddy, new forms was awesome but reprazent can be a lil rough live. I really like the stuff he did with breakbeat era tho, amazing vocalist
sorry to say, but Brazil's DnB artists pwnz whee

XRS, DJ Marky, DJ Andy, Kaleidoscopio (ok, my bad...), Patife, Grace Kelly Dum...

but yeah, int'l artists do their part (lmao jk, no offenses)

Roni Size Reprasent, Goldie, Boymerang, Zinc...

*sigh* so long since I don't listen to a nice DnB show on the radio -_-"
Hmmmm, I really should look for shows around my area. The local music store owner just loves Drum and Bass and I think he's going to try and run a show at one of the local clubs.

Maybe i'll pick up his CD, supposedly he's pretty good, but then again people might say that because he's the only person who does Drum and Bass around this small burg of a village.

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