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E-Corp Medical Center


Let’s see… leg bone connected to the hip bone, but what’s the hip bone connected to…?

Oh hey! Don’t mind me; I’m reviewing my medical knowledge. When you’re out there working
hard in the battlefield, you’re going to need a helping hand to make sure you don’t instantly…
you know… die. That’s where we come in. Come right in, step into our office, and take a
number. A medical assistant will be with you shortly!

Stick around, win some stuff and get healed or help to heal others!

Want to get into the Brawl? Check out our Battle Thread!

Introduction l Rules l About l Medical Center l Contests
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  • Follow TOS.
  • Don't be a d**k.
  • Follow the rules for entering each contest or you will not get to enter.

Failure to follow these rules will lead to you being blocked from participation in our thread and in
our contests at our discretion. (We will probably be slack on the contest thing)

We hold the right to change the rules as we see fit.

Introduction l Rules l About l Medical Center l Contests
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About E-Corp...
E-Corp is a group of Easter Bunny loyalists that was formed on Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 in
this thread found in the Gaia Community Discussion. The previous year, the Easter Bunny had
not been involved in the easter event and a gaggle of supporters were riled together by one Lord
Lapin in support of the easter bunny over Diedrich. It was discovered that the devs had no
intentions of involving the Easter Bunny in the 2011 Easter Event, and this group sprung into
action, realizing that if they didn't act immediately, the Easter Bunny would be gone from Gaia
forever. They sent a barrage of clock eggs to various staff members, raided the arenas, made
posters and art, and even posted supportive thoughts on the Easter Bunny's profile. It looked
like nothing was going to sway the staff's opinion, so this group worked to raid the Ask the
Admins thread with a multitude of questions about the easter bunny. They were ignored, but
somehow the group managed to get through to them, and started acting more civil. The Easter
event did involve the Easter Bunny--and has ever since. Now we fight for our master against
Jack and his followers to ensure he gets his revenge.

About the Easter Bunny...

Recently, the Easter Bunny's backstory was explored in the manga. Long ago, lived a
rabbit of great beauty and generosity with an affinity for hiding chocolate eggs. Children of all
ages from across the lands of Gaia came to this rabbit in flocks, bowing at his feet in awe of his
radiant beauty and kindness. He would repay them with gifts of chocolate and gorgeous
hand-painted eggs for paying him homage. But, alas--this happiness he knew could not stay. A
couple of holiday figures grew jealous! Jealous of his wealth, jealous of his beauty! Jealous of
his chocolaty eggs! Jack, a nobody at the time, was so filled with hatred for our glorious and
perfect leader that he Sharydouken'd him in his beautiful face--scarring it for all time. Now our
poor leader hides his once-beautiful face behind a mask--wearing a biomechanical suit of his
making to ensure nothing like that will ever happen again. Despite his now hideous body, he
works tirelessly for us Gaians. He gives us gifts for remembering what he was. He has worked
so hard for us, now it is time for us to work for him. E-Corp was formed in his name so we
could work for our overlord and bring him the joy he so desperately deserves.

User Image
The E-Corp Guild

More links to come! If you want us to link to your event thread, please give us a link :3

Introduction l Rules l About l Medical Center l Contests
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Medical Center

How Healing Works
Healing must be done by a cleric.

to be updated when we know more.

Our Staff:
This is a group of E-Corp clerics who have agreed to work for us healing our team's weak. If you
would like to join their number, please send me a PM with "Medical Staff" in the title. Fill out the form everyone else has.

Please look under the spoiler to see our staff.

User Image
Username: Lord Lapin
Age: 30
Species: Bunnyman
Position in E-Corp: Founder
Medical Experience: Once stitched a guys shoe together when it got little rips in it.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Username: Ashlex_in_Pearl
Age: 20
Species: Chicky
Position in E-Corp: Follower
Medical Experience: does healing fluffs count? No? Just as well, I wasn't too good at that. But, I
am good with robotics, for all our robot breatheren. So long as you don't mind the feathers

User Image
Username: techno engel
Age: 22
Species: bunny
Position in E-Corp: follower
Medical Experience: I just entered my second year of nursing school. Unfortunately I'm on
academic probation due to some mishaps at the hospital.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Username: Circus Thief
Species: Bunny
Position in E-Corp: Follower
Medical Experience: Currently I am training into becoming an RN.

User Image
Username: GriffinFire
Age: 25
Species: Bunny
Position in E-Corp: Easter Bunny Devotee since 2006
Medical Experience: Exorcism, necromancy, kissing it better.

User Image
Username: Cardinalis
Age: 218
Species: Rabbot
Position in E-Corp: Rabbot Techpriest
Medical Experience: Fixing up old technology rabbot.

User Image
Username: Graceangel
Age: 38
Species: Bunny
Position in E-Corp: --- I am not a part of E-Corp due to his irrational persecution of the Diedrich
Medical Experience: Being a lvl 80 healer in World of Warcraft, having a level 80 Elementalist on GW2, and also usually playing support roles in gaia event games like this.

User Image
Username: Cidira
Age: Older Than You
Species: Witch
Position in E-Corp: Technomagical Researcher
Medical Experience: ...does taking rabbots to the vet count?

User Image
Username: Phantom honey
Age: --
Species: Leporidae Gynoid
Position in E-Corp: Unofficial Little Sister
Medical Experience: Has giant box of band-aids for boo boos

User Image
Username: Magical Cyanide
Age: 18
Species: Elf
Position in E-Corp: Follower
Medical Experience: Very adept at unwrapping band-aids

User Image
Username: Vicci-Xandra17
Age: 22
Species: Bunny
Position in E-Corp: Follower/ EB Groupie
Medical Experience: I once dissected a worm. And I have a long history with Barbie Doll brains... OH! Does skinning a turkey or gutting a fish count?!?

User Image
Username: Rita Riri
Age: 20
Position in E-Corp: Pharmacy Technician
Medical Experience: Currently a pre-nursing student. Hoping to upgrade to nurse practitioner one day. Always carries a first-aid kit.

User Image
Username: Denham
Age: 21
Species: Alien
Position in E-Corp: Robotics Specialist
Medical Experience: I have first aid training...and tons of robotics experience.

User Image
Username: Taihe
Age: Unknown
Species: Skunk
Position in E-Corp: Follower
Medical Experience: Does tanking on zOMG! count?

User Image
Username: Caffeinated Layla
Age: 26 Years Old
Species: Bunny
Position in E-Corp: Follower of Bunnies
Medical Experience: Does healing little fluffs count! Nope......Okay......I am very adept at wrapping band aids and bandages and magically healing boo boos

User Image
Username: Kittique
Age: 23
Species: Bunny Android
Position in E-Corp: Loyal follower since 06
Medical Experience: studying animal behavior/biology, play clerics in almost every game, sparkly magic desu KYUUU~ -cough-

User Image
Username: Segi Miwa
Age: 16
Species: Neko
Position in E-Corp: E-Bunny supporter, rookie physician
Medical Experience: Always carries a first-aid spray emotion_bigheart

User Image
Username: Espressa
Age: 27
Species: Librarian
Position in E-Corp: Shrapnel Extractor
Medical Experience: Certified CPR & Emergency Responder. (Clear! *zzzzz*)

User Image
Username: Dead Mans Bell
Age: 21
Species: rabbot
Position in E-Corp: follower
Medical Experience: cybernetic augmentation, droid repair, & stitching up rag dolls.

User Image
Username: Petulant Poetess
Age: Never ask a witch her age....especially of you want to be healed.
Species: My specialised field at St. Mungo's was spell damage and magical drain.
Position in E-Corp:Cleric and moral booster.
Medical Experience:*Please see Professor Severus Snape and Madam Poppy Pomfrey at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry for my impressive list of qualifications.

User Image
Username: DracosRex
Age: ancient
Species: human-dragon-rabbit hybrid
Position in E-Corp: healer
Medical Experience:
Been on various medical staff for werewolves, elves, and currently helping out with the Easter Bunny. Own an actual bunny. I am trained in First Aid and Adult CPR.

User Image
Username: E-Corp Experiment R4-13T
Age: 25
Species: A sort of half-rabbit, half-man, half-robot... thing. I'm not sure what they were thinking when they made me, either.
Position in E-Corp: Combat Cleric (recently reprogrammed soldier)
Medical Experience: Well... I'm REALLY good at tearing people apart, so how hard can it be to do it backwards?

User Image
Username: Evangelique_Macleod
Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway
Position in E-Corp: Clinical Intern pursuing licensure as a Licensed E-Corp Therapist
Species: Enslaved (but grateful!) Humanoid
Medical Experience: Assisted in the emergency care of several E-Corp members in the many Battlefield Forums and to our overlord himself (current death count is 34 and rising). Currently providing mental health support to members suffering from PTSD and To-Hell-With-This-ism (because -ism's are difficult to treat when left unattended!)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Username: Lady Bern
Age: 28
Species: Chick (Silky chicken)
Position in E-Corp: Chick wrangler
Medical Experience: I swear I'll fix you up, promise just don't eat me. I don't care what those old myths say I'm not a super food, I can heal you better as a cleric than as a soup.

User Image
Username: EviCa
Age: --
Species: Rabbot
Position in E-Corp: Maid
Medical Experience: Absolutely none, but she'll kiss 'ouchies' if asked.

I need help!
We have our own medical staff that should be hanging out in this thread. If you want their
attention, please post the following in the thread. One of our trained staff will get to you shortly.

[size=24][color=red]I REQUIRE MEDICAL ATTENTION.[/color][/size]

Introduction l Rules l About l Medical Center l Contests
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We have a few contests for this thread that you can choose to participate in while
healing/getting healed. Please make sure you follow the rules for each contest to the letter or
you may be disqualified. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. We have more than 14
million gold put into the contest prizes in this thread! Good luck!

Fabulous Raffle
    We are offering the chance to win your very own Bunny Brigade. This item costs over 14
    mil on the market place!
    User Image
    How can you win this fabulous prize? Well, it's very simple! You must purchase a ticket! No
    worries, though! The tickets are fairly cheap, only 1,000 g a piece! You can buy as many or as
    few tickets as you like. Each time you buy a ticket, you will get a number (under the spoilers)
    at the end of the event we will do a random number generator to choose a winner from the list of
    ticket holders. Good luck!

    The Winner Was Chosen HERE
    Ticket Number: 2149
    Winner: Yeata Zi

    The drawing will occur on November 1st.

    No longer taking new tickets.

    I'm waiting for all the trades to go through before I draw.

    E-Corp Grunt
    I don't know why, but I'm suddenly geting a bunch of trades. I'm not sure if Gaia is bugging out, or what, but I have had to deny them because they are after the deadline. D:

    Even if they were sent earlier and Gaia bugged out, I have had to deny them. I'm sorry about that!

    How do I enter?
    Send me a trade with "Raffle" in the title.
    Every ticket costs 1,000g.
    Buy as few or many as you please!
    Your name and the ticket numbers you purchased will be added to the list.

    Ticket Holders:

    1-23: Yeata Zi
    24-25: Danny Bent
    26-55: ashlex_in_pearl
    56-80: dark magic godess
    81-180: Kink-hime
    189-228: Cardinalis
    229-238: Yokies
    239-263: Astoria Stratocaster
    264-288: SighingNight
    289-318: Kimmy_is_awesome
    319-368: b u n n y - l i o r e
    369-374: CupcakeToTheRescue
    375-382: Porcelain Toilet
    383-397: Baby Banirabu
    398-407: birddog3
    408-417: Floogos
    418-467: Aureaule
    468-517: Keiko Chu
    518-522: Jagz the Insane
    523-535: babyl10
    536-542: Danny Bent
    543-567: morgieneko
    568-667: Kink-hime
    668-672: I Am Kirin Rosenbaum
    673-674: Warrior Prototype
    675-740: Gumby Ningata
    741-748: lilgemangel
    749-798: Vicci-Xandra17
    799-808: Baby Banirabu
    809: xXx_nobody_epic_xXx
    810-829: GottaCodeFast
    830-849: youkoonna
    850-859: MusicLovinTomboi
    860-869: Lonelyscizor
    870 mad Kahlan
    871-970: Silent Empathy
    971-975: W3N
    976-1075: sand_jedi
    1076-1187: Sweet Sentiment
    1188-1287: HCTotorro
    1288-1354: Kittique
    1355-1369: little bunnies
    1370-1379: Zzyli
    1380-1389: Dead Mans Bell
    1390-2389: Yeata Zi
    2390: Shiho DulceMau
    2392-2401: Rizuzua
    2402-2412: obliterations
    2413-2513: Q-Tips of Doom
    2514-2520: Emma12160
    2521-2533: Mapoii
    2534-2546: Gumby Ningata
    2547-2550: Treya_Barton
    3051-3058: mrs jeepers5
    3059-3257: Haruhi_Kojima
    3258-3261: BlueRain88
    3262-3271: miIk of amnesia
    3272-3276: Tomoe-kamichama
    3277-3326:Baby Banirabu
    3327: Bunai
    3328: Alienated Allie
    3329: RealTragedy
    3330-3334: zerosystemquatre
    3335-3344: Alexander the Darkangel
    3345-3354: RiverMist20
    3355-3374: Espressa
    3375: IlYangIl
    3376-3425: Cinibunny
    3426: BlueRain88
    3427-3476: sparkletots
    3477-3481: HARMonik__
    3482-3496: Teacup456
    3497-3515: Alienated Allie
    3516-3815: Kink-hime
    3816-3825: vvaniloquence
    3826-3830: dinozaurio
    3831-3843: Mapoii
    3844-3893: White Harmony
    3894-3902: Enzeru Shi
    3903-4002: Paradox Ultima
    4003-4012: Velmarie
    4013-4022: Fleeing Spirits
    4023-4062: Kimmy_is_awesome
    4063-4092: Campy Caramel
    4093-4102: Asuia
    4103-4120: IlYangIl
    4121-4125: mirukuchu
    4126-5125: Mermaid Eater
    5126-5130: vanwarren
    5131-5160: Clover_like_goodness
    5161-5164: BlueRain88
    5165-5189: Alienated Allie
    5190-5289: Alledria
    5290: Haku-Soren
    5291-5315: dark magic godess
    5316: Chocolate Dipped Condoms
    5317-5516: Kink-hime
    5517-5521: vicious l venom
    5522-5531: BubbleHasher
    5532-5591: Alienated Allie
    5592-5741: Hyniel
    5742-5991: Alledria
    5992-6008: Haruka_Hiroi
    6009-6018: IIOpEn XDII
    6019-6028: Janpoop
    6029: The Queen of Legends
    6030-6079: Sweet Sentiment
    6080-6129: Kasoday
    6130-6144: Magical Cyanide
    6145-6154: khidd
    6155-6207: Kittique
    6208-6232: MissLoony
    6233: You Are Gorgeous
    6234-6236: Technicolour_Piston
    6237-6736: Kink-hime
    6737-6746: skullreapervr1
    6747-6749: Rainbow.Vomit
    6750-6752: hidden puppet
    6753-6754: akacifer
    6755-6757: iMaee-
    6758-6761: DiamondsSea

Pin-Up Calendar Contest

    This is a continuation of a past contest. Please dress your avatar as you would a pin-up
    Calandar girl or boy. We are hoping to reward our members with a sexy calendar, but we need

    We are working on the months of October and November! So if you want a chance to get
    gawked at by myriads of overworked and sexually frustrated henchhares, please
    shoot me a PM with an image of your avatar (no Tekteks this time, sorry). Don't forget to state
    for what month you want to compete!

    The Rules:
    • The entry must be Easter- or E-Corp-themed. It must also be fitting for that month. (No snow
    gear in July!)
    • A contestant can only submit one entry. Having one entry in multiple months is not allowed.
    • The winner will be chosen by the artist of the specific month.
    • The amount of slots available per month is a minimum of 10. Our artists may choose to
    expand that number.
    • Our artists may also choose to not give an entry a slot, if there is an understandable reason
    (e.g. when your entry doesn't conform to the artist's current drawing skills)
    • Please don't enter if you have won in the past <3

    Artists and Entries for the Pin Up Contest

    October Entries:

    Hey there you wonderful person im ust wondering if i could enter my Rabbit into your
    Pin-up Contest. ^_^
    User Image

    Dead Mans Bell
    I'd like to enter for the month of October <3

    User Image

    Twisted Lady
    Hi, I saw the thread in the EB forum and I'd love to enter the pin up contest for October!

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    (I hope I'm doing this right, it's early and I'm dumb)

    ::Bunary Cant:: ~Translating~ I felt our Rabbot's would enjoy seeing one of their many Techpriest Fathers' and mothers' in the October month for the calendar.
    User Image

    Sweet Sentiment
    I'd like to enter my current Avatar into the October pin-up. She's a battle bunny since this is our month of war. twisted
    User Image

    Can I enter for October? :o

    User Image
    Medic in distress: no more energy!

    I hope the contest is still open. This rogue angel bunny want to join for the month of October c:

    User Image

    User Image

    I hope this one is good for October! Just enough for the imagination. Enjoy E-Corp heart

    November Entries:
    User Image

    Fun fact, November is the month I was born on!
    What better way to celebrate that occasion by using the first avatar that got me into E-Corp, except with a few things added.

    Hope I did this right.
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    Booting up...
    Greetings, E-Corp Rabbot Maid Unit EviCa activated. I shall serve E-Corp and the Easter Bunny as long as I remain functional.
    How can I assist you today?


    November pin-up entry: Sexy Pilgrim

    User Image

Pumpkin Hunt
    The Easter Bunny loves a good egg hunt so we figured why not repurpose one for

    Be on the look out for any of these posted by E-Corp crew members in this thread:
    User Image
    The first person to quote it gets a mystery prize.
    Don't quote them here obviously :3

The very last person to post in this thread before it gets locked at the end of the event will
receive a Follower of Easter Bunny item!

User Image

Dice Contest
    You're feeling lucky? Perhaps you are interested in rolling some dices and have a chance at one of our prices!

    The Rules and how to play
    • Before hitting the Submit button after you finished writing your post, choose Post Action (default choice should be None).
    • Now choose Roll Dice. Now you should be able to determine the number of sides on your die (Die size) and the number of dice you will be rolling (# of dice).
    • Choose 20 sided and enter 20 in the # of dice field.
    • Anyone getting a score of 100 140 or less will get to choose from one of the prizes below!
    • If you win, please PM me a link to the post in which you rolled less than 100 140 and tell us which item you would like to win.

All the prizes have been won. Look out, I may scorunge up more. Putting it at 140 made it too easy. D:

If you win, you may choose one of these. You may only win once. :3
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Infinite Bananas: Here. Chose the SDPlus #282 Sundae doll.
Kay Pasa: Here: Got Sundae Companion.
G-Midgit: here. Got Sundae Sweets
n o e l y n x3: Here. Got Strawberry Sundae Sweets :B

Introduction l Rules l About l Medical Center l Contests
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Loyal Gaian

19,350 Points
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  • Partygoer 500
  • Firestarter 200
Hope y'all are ready for some mad healz.
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Loyal Gaian

19,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Partygoer 500
  • Firestarter 200
Hope y'all are ready for some mad healz.
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Buggy Survivor

13,350 Points
  • Beta Gaian 0
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
  • Invisibility 100
ooh boy we have a healing thread too! blaugh
Bunai's avatar

Aekea Bunny

Wow... fancy.
Yeata Zi's avatar

Loyal Gaian

19,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Partygoer 500
  • Firestarter 200
Wow... fancy.
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Buggy Survivor

13,350 Points
  • Beta Gaian 0
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
  • Invisibility 100
birddog3 used mid heal against Bunai...IT'S SUPER EFFECIVE! Bunai was healed for 250 points of damage.
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Loyal Gaian

19,350 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Partygoer 500
  • Firestarter 200
I wish I could play
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Heroic Sentai

16,250 Points
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
  • Hero 100
  • Magical Girl 50
Support E-Corp!
Down with Jack!
Porcelain Toilet's avatar

Original Werewolf

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Loyal Gaian

19,350 Points
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  • Firestarter 200
Oh, thank god this is live.

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