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what ticks me off is the fact that there really are peopl in life who care more about money and business more than our planet and the creatures in it gonk scream stressed wahmbulance
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Kirae Tsuki Uchiha
Woot woot!!


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Oh my gosh that is just so cute. whee
i love the earth!
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Hell yes, I do care for the Earth.
No Earth = No Rocket XXI
No Earth = No Gaia
and most of all..

No Earth.. No COOKIES.
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Until we've got another planet to live on, no one can afford not to care about the Earth.
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<3 we should worker harder to make this place last.
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easy come smile
-raises hand- I care. ;-; We should plant trees! D:
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I care, we do live here, after all.

And we should care about the Earth everyday, not just some random day in April.
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I do try to recycle when I can...
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Instead of just saying you care, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Words don't matter Actions do! Half of you probably only say you care but don't do anything about it.
XxCuddley Panda HugsxX
Instead of just saying you care, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Words don't matter Actions do! Half of you probably only say you care but don't do anything about it.

You make an excellent point. Unfortunately, individuals can enact only a miniscule affect. National governments also currently have relatively little clout in a neo-liberalist era. The IMF, World Bank, and other significant players (such as McDonald's, Starbucks, Symantec, etc.) have the infrastructure and the funding to make large-scale production sustainable, should they care to do so. And the general public has very little persuasion over these giants' decisions. What we can do is purchase products and services from corporations with proven track records of sustainable operations, so that we give them further money to invest in further sustainable operations. Because changing the current production line is an overwhelmingly expensive undertaking.
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Earth!! heart
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Sometimes I'm afraid that no matter how much I care and try to protect the Earth, it's doomed, anyway. Kills me on the inside. sad
save water by taking less showers! 8D

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