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nuclear power can be REALLY bad 4 teh enviroment ya know
Landruce Dragon Lord
Nuclear power is a clean source of power, but with one catch sweatdrop : The spent rods have absolutely no use, and are very hazardous, and are just buried in bunkers for the ppl of the future to play with. 3nodding

The back up plan is that they just leave them in the bunkers 'till they half life out of being radio-active, after oh a few thousand years. stare

it would be OK if they were buried in bunkers but instead they are just in pools of water in all the power plants because no one wants the bunker in their back yard!

i just do not want the silly things transported by rail or truck for thousands of miles - that is just silly -
While it's a clean and efficient source of power, the by product is SO hazardous and deadly and there's NO way to make it any less so that I don't really think it's worth it.

the spent rods can be refurbished and used again - if they did not have to be transported for miles and miles to a center and it was cost efficient !

one of these days maybe it will all work out - mean while - if i could please have Super powers...?
rock on!!!!!!!!!
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[NPC] Diedrich
Did you know that some people say nuclear power is a clean and efficient way to make stuff work? Oh, but some people are worried that it will turn them into mutants with superpowers. But some people want to be mutants with superpowers.

What do you think?

OK, I'm going to go now.

Well, see you later.

No, Nuclear Power is NOT SAFE. mad Solar Power is the ONLY safe power. 3nodding Wind Power and Hydroelectric facilities can be harmful to animals, depending on location. neutral Solar Power does NOT hurt anyone, nor risk total annihilation in case of meltdown like Nuclear Power does. mad

Furthermore, the entire process of setting up a Nuclear power plant, and keeping it running, which includes mining, milling, transport, fuel fabrication, enrichment, reactor construction, decommissioning, and waste management all use fossil fuels, making the entire process dependent upon the unsustainable fossil fuel based energy xp

Bottom line: Solar Power, as a combination of panels built into homes and provided from Solar Power Plants, is the most sustainable, reliable, and environmentally healthy option we have; Wind power and hydroelectricity need to be further explored and developed in a manner that, not only won't hurt animals, but won't require mass changes to the environmet either 3nodding
Nuclear power. The next oil.
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I think mankind's progress with nuclear power has aleady gotten it's foot in the door and we're too far now to turn back. We've just got to treat this energy with the respect it deserves if we are to dominate this planet much longer.
What happened in Japan is a prime example such catastrophic events and we havent even see the impact the radiation will have yet. Accidents cannot be permitted when this kind of dangerous energy is involved.
The thing that really worries me is the next step for energy, I believe it's dark matter but i dont know the exact terminology, correct me if im wrong.
Whatever it is called exactly it is linked to the testings for the Hadron Collider.
The Hadron Collider accelerates particles to a massive degree. So much so apparently, that they were theorizing it could potentially trigger a black hole on the earth's surface. See now, that is what i mean by respect. We need to respect the power enough to take reasonable precautions, even if it may set us back a century. Better that than putting all life on earth on ultimate zero for good.
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I think superpowers sound cool. But I'm sure it'd cut off more than half of your lifespan.
In that way, I guess it could be compared to a drug.
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i think tht having super powers would be awesome, but u culd die instead of getting powers so dont ues nuculear power
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its stupid they should try changing to either solar power to charge the batteries then they wont have to worry about these types of thing or at least regular electricity
It's efficient, it's clean (except for radioactive waste) and I think it's alright. If we dispose of it properly and use it in small quantities, I don't think there's a problem with it.
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I see nuclear power as a bandaid for making power.
1. It WAY TOO $$$$$$$$ to even build a 'power plant' (time & money & manpower & resources). If something goes wrong here... burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes
2. Once a plant is up & running the cost maintenance & management of waste. Trained tec.'s to do jobs lots of $$$.
3. The waste is just too DANGEROUS!
4. Lots of areas are not suited for nuclear power plant, aka the ring of fire.
5. The owners' of the plant may OR MAY NOT what to pay for everything!!! scream IF NOT THAN... burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes burning_eyes

Most of the green power can be made in the same area that it is made in! xd xd xd whee People in most places have at least one if not more that they can use.
The days of huge solar & wind 'farms' has long past.
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Nana Chaloma
As they say, nuclear waste is a terrible burden to place on our children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children's children...

Too true. heart your Avatar & word bubbles cool
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Wrath of Ezekiel
Nuclear right now is the only "clean" energy right now that can produce as much energy as traditional fossil fuel sources.We're going to need it as a bridge energy until we get hyper efficient solar cells or fusion.[/quote)
I believe that if we would make life style changes we would not need home made nuclear energy we could relay on the sun. Solar power works as does wind and water. Green fuel works we don't need to waste our oil energy for transportation (SORRY,I wondered off topic) Think of all the people that ride gym bikes what if we saved that power? I know not enough but we could find many small ways not to kill our planet or ourselves. Hopeful
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I think that most people hear the words "nuclear" and "atomic" and immediately go back to the Cold War attitude that all nuclear technology is evil and will kill us all. Which it could, I'm not saying nuclear war is something to laugh at because it very much is not a laughing matter. But we shouldn't be scared of reactor plants, and if we set our minds to finding a solution to the waste storage problems, I don't see why nuclear power shouldn't be a viable energy source.

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