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dats really cool info
Vegetarian diet
I use the swirly bulbs at my house, though I barely need to use them. The sun gives me most the light I need. ^^
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My dad really annoys me when he always offers to drive me home in his SUV when I'm about to leave after visiting. It's a fairly short distance, and it just makes far more sense to walk for multiple reasons. stressed

So anyways, walking and taking public transportation are probably my most constant contributions. I also try to use lights and the tap as little as possible. Oh and I recycle! whee I really need to switch to the new bulbs as soon as I have some more money, though. ^^;
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Currently I have the blinds open so I can use the sun as light as opposed to lightbulbs. I've also been following a pesco-vegetarian diet for a little over four years now, so I've been reducing my footprint in that aspect for a while c:
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I recycle.
I try to buy stuff from thrift stores, because not only are they cheap, and it's also recycling in another sense.
I try not to drive too much either.
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I don't know if this is reducing my carbon footprint, but I turn off our lights everytime no one's using them. We recycle paper and pop cans...
I reduce my footprint by using energy saving lightbulbs, but only at night. The sun is out and I use it whenever I need to see during the day. Go Planet EARTH!
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I just turned off all the basement lights. o-o
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Reduce, re-use, recycle.
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The usual. Re-usable shopping bags, hanging my laundry out to dry on sunny days instead of putting it in the dryer, recycling, things like that *shrugs*
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Those special light bulbs. Carpooling. Walking instead of driving short distances. Reading instead of playing video games or watching TV. Also, the obvious: turn stuff off before you leave a room or go to sleep.
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Public transportation, and perpetually lobbying for more of it.
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User ImageUser ImageRemember, life is waiting--

I'm not hugely good about reducing my carbon footprint, but I definitely prefer natural light to artificial, and I try my best not to use paper towels to dry my hands--I let my hands drip-dry to save paper. My mom thinks I'm nuts, but it doesn't seem like a big deal to me and it probably helps. I will use paper towels for big kitchen messes, though... *sigh* I wish I was doing more! If my area wasn't overcast for at least 180/365 days of the year, I would try to talk my parents into solar panels...

so embrace it!User Image
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Did you know that plants eat Carbon Dioxide?
Did you know that the green house effect actually cools the Earth?
Did you know that climate change is a natural thing the Earth does, to regulate itself? Nothing to do with humans.

Okay, bye now!

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