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Thankful Vampire

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I use energy-efficient light bulbs? wink
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Let's see... Most if not all of our bulbs are energy efficient.

80% of the time I shut out the lights after I leave a room the 20% is if I forget or am coming back in only a few moments.

I don't have lights on when it's daylight! You know how many people have their lights turned on when the sun is shining brightly into their rooms?! Annoying!

I don't own a car! I walk everywhere I need to or I get a ride from someone else. Now that it's spring I'll probably ride my bike too. If I need to go somewhere and no one can give me a ride I might take the bus. I do that when I live in the big city but currently I'm not.

Obviously, I don't litter. We have a compost and when I was little I planted a tree. It's doing very well and is slowly, ever so slowly growing up big and strong and giving us lovely lovely oxygen.
idrk one day i will <3
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well i try my best not to step in any carbon...

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Waffles and or fish
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Blessed Hunter

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I ride my bike ALL the time biggrin
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We recycle, we use energy efficient light bulbs, we turn out lights we are not using. We also car pool.
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Beloved Explorer

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yesterday i was only wearing blue clothes but my cousin weared blue and green clothes biggrin
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Beloved Explorer

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  • Friendly 100
who whered blue and green yesterday or who whered blue yesterday or who whered green yesterday surprised surprised surprised
hi hi hi hi
ok ok ok ok ok ok
listen to earthday
g2g g2g g2g g2g

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