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Did you know you can reduce your carbon footprint by doing simple things like using energy-efficient light bulbs and taking public transportation? If you lived in a city bus you probably wouldn't even need to buy light bulbs.

It's also not a good idea to use your microwave oven for home heating, but don't ask me why.

Are you doing anything to help the planet? Please share!

Thanks and bye bye! Goodbye now!
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I'm reducing my footprint by wearing smaller shoes! Oh wait what? Carbon footprint? M<y shoes aren't made of carbon! OH! OKay NOW I get it. To reduse my carbon footprint I bought a small car with great gas mileage as my first car. I also use energy efficient lightbulbs, and don't use the air conditioning or heat unless I have to.

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My house uses energy efficient lightbulbs. :3 I also try my bes to turn off the lights when I'm not using them.
Good light bulbs, I use public travel and we only get items that don't harm the rainforest. We love Green and Black's Chocolate.
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I use the swirly bulbs at my house, though I barely need to use them. The sun gives me most the light I need. ^^
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I used as many green products as possible in my house. Such as lightbulbs, recycled tin foil for cooking, cleaning products, etc.

We save money on heating by using our fireplace more in the winter. It brings the family together and we still stay toasty warm. :3

Instead of kitty litter, I used wood pellets that you would use in your furance. The bag is $6.50 and it becomes sawdust when an excessive amount of moisture comes in, aka urine. And when we dump it out, it's in a pit outside. So we only have wood and kitty droppings going out that kitty litter.

I eat SunChips with its new biodegradable (And VERY loud) bag.

Due to lack of public transportation, I walk. It's even healthy for me too.

I refuse to buy bottled water. Cause all I'm paying for is the bottle itself. So I bought a container to put my water in and use that instead.

I recycle as much as I can. Especially cans, bottles, and other products.
I use only energy-saver electronics, light-saver bulbs and LED lights (LEDs use less energy than regular bulbs), I usually don't take my car unless going somewhere far, and I sold my microwave a few years back... they're hyperactive energy-burners and I don't like radiation in my food. Yuck.. neutral
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I never drive anywhere. I always walk or bike to my destinations [unless it's particularly far away, then it's the bus].

I recycle all of my paper, plastics, and metals.

I'm working on a compost heap.

My friends and I are making a garden and planting trees.

I have and use my recyclable shopping bag whenever I go out.

Instead of heating and cooling via electronic devices, I grab a blanket or open a window [praying for a cross breeze].

I use recycled and recyclable products. In the case of cosmetics [of which I barely use anyway], I make sure that there are no CFCs and there wasn't any testing on animals.

And I watch Captain Planet for occasional reinforcement. >3
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im going to try and not step on any carbon thats what im going to do
I take a moment to remind myself that carbon is one of the basic components of all life on this planet, and isn't a bad thing - at all.

Then I remind myself not to use the "swirly" mercury filled bulbs, because they're far worse for the environment than regular bulbs.

The packaging even says if you break one, evacuate the room for 15-20 minutes, open a window, and be very careful not to get any of the contents on your skin.
After these build up in dumps for a few years... you think it'll be BETTER for the Earth?
I don't own a car ^_^

I'm not sure I'm ready to give up meat and giving up one air-plane flights means never visiting my family, but I turn the heating down, buy local and organic, wear my clothes until they are completely worn out, give away old electronic equipment instead of throwing it away, leave my garden messy because wildlife likes it that way...
OOH OOH exclaim
i my neighborhood has a truck that comes by and takes all the stuff u wana recycle,
and i carpool with my buds,
and i use those swirly light bulbs 4laugh
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I use energy-efficient light bulbs
I recycle
I carpool when I can
By not stepping in carbon
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Anthrax bombs. By my logic, the less humans we have, the better off we are.

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