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Personally, I enjoyed the whole Nintendo press conference.

For starters, ROBOT CHICKEN FTW!!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, gamespot should have a replay of the whole Nintendo event up in about an hour or two, if not sooner.

Creating your own Mii to join in the fight in Smash Bros.? ******** YES! DO WANT!!

That new Zelda game: OMG IT'S SOooo PRETTY!!!

Wish they had more info for Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire...

Why does the Splatoon character designs remind me of Codename Kids Next Door?

There was WAY more than what I mentioned here. Again, as soon as you can, I recommend watching the replay of this event.

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I have to agree on Nintendo's entire press conference! The Robot Chicken skits were so funny! The Miis joining was also great! If my most wanted fighters don't get confirmed, then at least now I can make them as a Mii! emotion_awesome
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Celty Dragneel
Wish they had more info for Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire...

Hell, I just wish they had more of that kid exploring. Maybe catching some Pokemon. Maybe heading to a Pokemon Center and healing up, checking around for some trade requests...

When do we get a live-action series, TPC?
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I think Nintendo won E3, and they're just getting started. Miis in Smash and Palutena Confirmed are pretty awesome! The October 3rd Release date for the 3DS version...not so awesome. In the Smash Bros Direct they said Summer 2014. October is not Summer at all, it's clear into Fall. I just hope there will be more character reveals (Still holding out for the return of Mewtwo and Ridley getting his time in the arena) before release. The Miis look awesome, I'll definitely try all 3, though the Swordfighter will likely be my main Mii Fighting Style, with Blaster coming in second. Dat Final Smash! Palutena looks fun as heck, too. I know a certain Youtuber will be spazzing out over it, if he isn't already. cat_biggrin

Splatoon does look pretty fun, and I also noted some similarities to KND in the artstyle. Might give Nintendo some decent sales.

The ORAS Footage was both awesome and yet too short! What about Secret Bases!? Has Trainer customization returned? Is the Battle Frontier a thing? And What about Secret Bases!? Yes, I mentioned it already, but still. cat_biggrin We need some more info than this, hopefully we'll get it as the week progresses.

Amiibo sounds like an interesting concept. Yes, technically Skylanders has done it first, but these figurines must have some real power behind them to be able to hold stats and info for the character across 6 Different games (Potentially, as not every character will be in every game, obviously), not to mention future titles! I look forward to seeing how they're utilized in the various games, if they'll expand it into Pokemon, and which figurines can be used with what games. Clearly Mario will be in the majority of them, but I don't think he'll be in every one.

The new Zelda WiiU game sounds pretty awesome, too. It looks like the artstyle is similar to Skyward Sword, while the promise of a fully 3D Open World Zelda title is an astounding thing on its own. The WiiU will definitely snag sales with that one. Let's just hope it's smooth sailing for the Dev Team so that they can get it out asap.

Hyrule Warriors is the final name, and it looks absolutely nuts. Zelda and Midna look great in the game, and the gameplay is flashy as heck. I wish they'd shown a bit more about the bosses, though.

I like what I see with the gameplay mechanics in Yoshi's Wooly World. That looks like a game to watch. Gotta wonder what the story is though...there's a discernible lack of Baby Mario, so it's gonna be something new.

That's all I've got for now. There's gonna be more throughout the day, and I look forward to seeing it all!
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I haven't finished watching everything (it's exam week :'( ) but the Farcry trailer just blew me off my feet. I think it's 'cause I fell in love with the villain. Like, he's there with his fancy clothing, one minute being a psychopath the next talking like a gent. Mind you I only had time to watch two conferences so far, so I'll probably have to update this soon ^_^'

Btw it looks like what Nintendo has in store is amazing, from the glimpses I've seen of their new games and stuff ^(*-*)^
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Nintendo won it for me.
I'm probably going to invest in a Wii U now.
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Hands down Nintendo won. Adding Miis, Palutena, AND Pacman all in one day the hype is real. Still waiting for KH3 even though it won't happen ; w ;
Xenoblade Chronicles X. Looks beautiful and awesome and it has fully customizable character creation options.

Also all the Smash info that came out today, I wonder if that little animation snippet with Link vs. Pit with Palutena interruption is a bit of a teaser for some sort of either series or OVA to go with the game later on. Honestly an OVA would be cool.

And after watching Capcom-Unity's twitch I'm hyped once more for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate because the smooth transition between the Monster's intro cutscene and getting right into the heat of the hunt was crisp, clear and didn't need a second to load it was just immediate, and it was beautiful. I really can't wait to try out the Insect Glaive and hunt me a Goa Magara (flagship monsters are always so much fun to hunt)
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The part where it ends and the hype goes away.
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"Hulk smash!" During Sony's show. hahahhahaha

I'm looking forward to hearing more info about.
Xenoblade Chronicles X
The new Zelda game (not the Warriors one... )
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I agree with them, Nintendo won!

Pokemon ORAS, Super Smash Bros. (so wanna play Mii Fighters, Pacman, and Paletena so bad!!!), Splatoon (wish I have a Wii U, though... crying ), Robot Chicken sketches (I have to admit, they are kinda funny), Fantasy Life, and more new Nintendo stuff!!

eek biggrin eek
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Assassin's Creed Unity! I can't wait!!!! blaugh
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Ahhh The Mirrors Edge 2 was pretty amazing, but Nintendo's new Splatoon game won my heart oh my gosh !

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