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Who won e3?

Microsoft 0.03030303030303 3.0% [ 3 ]
Sony 0.14141414141414 14.1% [ 14 ]
Nintendo 0.82828282828283 82.8% [ 82 ]
Total Votes:[ 99 ]
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Like seriously. Wow.

I currently have these games on preorder:

Hyrule Warriors
Bayonetta 2 (which comes with Bayonetta packed in!)
Smash Bros (Wii U)
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem
Zelda U
Yoshi's Woolly World
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Splatoon (This looks SO FUN OMG.)

These are all Wii U games, and I MIGHT pick up Fantasy Life & Story of Seasons for 3DS later - I only pre-ordered the games I KNOW I want. (Also, Best Buy has a 30% off preorder bonus going right now, till the end of today - at least BestBuy Canada does.)


Click "games" for the full list of games smile
You can really say that Nintendo did good.

Will it be enough to save the WII U ? Only time can tell !
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Romantic Grabber

I'd really love to try out Splatoon before it comes out.

The trailer was pretty meh but I stuck around for Nintendo Minute and saw the game in action and I'm really interested.

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Hilarious Shapeshifter


Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem

Screams incoherently
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Nintendo. =x
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Romantic Senshi

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Nintendo! 3nodding
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Nintendo. ^^
With what? Zero games for the 3DS and most of their games coming in 2015? Wow the fanboyism is unbelievable.
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Shameless Phantom

I don't think anyone won really. But it was nice to see some games.
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Thieving Sailor

                    no wii U at all and no plans to get it
                    even for smt x fe
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hell naw , but e.a/bioware stole the show will starwars , mirrors edge ,mass effect more info and dragon age 3 but in terms of consoles mirosoft
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Looking forward to many of those games... I don't even have time to finish the ones I already have! gonk And people say there's no games.. rolleyes
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looking forward to mario maker...
along with hyrule warriors
and i had fun watching their super smash tournament...
can't wait until it comes out...
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hell naw , but e.a/bioware stole the show will starwars , mirrors edge ,mass effect more info and dragon age 3 but in terms of consoles mirosoft

You mean EA bored everyone out of their minds with their insistent talk of Sports games and how real life is now video games.

EA did not steal the show...
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I wasn't at e3, so I just chose Nintendo on the poll. Looking forward to Smash Bros. 3DS. I wanna try playing as AC Villager in a fighting game! But I'll play as other characters too of course. They better come up with an original title for Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U. Just calling it Super Smash Bros. is kinda recycling an old title name. Smash Bros. N64 had exactly the same name: "Super Smash Bros". I want an original title for Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U, to avoid the same kind of confusion that Microsoft has made for players with their Xbox and XBox One.

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