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Zelda: Majora's Mask 3Ds please~
Though, I think Nintendo said something about wanting to make another Zelda game before remaking Majora's Mask.
But hot damn is my mouth drooling for Majora's Mask.
Yes the did say they wanted to make a New Zelda for the 3DS before they make another remake.
Animal Crossing 3DS.

Been waiting way too long for the game.
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New Super Mario Bros 2 Raccoon Mario
Epic Mickey Power of illusion
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A reason to pick up a 3DS. So, some really good releases this year or QI 2013.
And of course more of a judgement on this WiiU.
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First,i want some kickass trailer for the next Smash Bros installment.NEXT,i want a kickbutt presentation of the WiiU!LASTLY,i want an arsekicking look at the jext Metroid game!get it done ninty!
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Games that have been shown that I know I want:

Pokemon B/W 2
Paper Mario 3D
Theaterythm Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts 3D
Animal Crossing 3D

Games I hope they expand on this year:

A new Golden Sun title (possibly for the 3DS)
Smash Bros 3D
Pikmin 3
The entire Wii U
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idk any games that r commin out but it'll b awesome if another best mario game comes out smile OR BETTER POKEMON GAMES!!! <3 YEA
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Animal Crossing. I've been waiting for it since before the 3DS was even released. I can't believe it's taking them so long. sad
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What I want to see for the Wii U:

Pikmin 3
New Super Mario Bros Mii
Legend of Zelda
Smash Bros


What I DO NOT want to see/hear about:

Animal Crossing
Kingdom hearts
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I'm hoping to see some more information about Pokémon Black and White 2.

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3 words: wii. U.
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And to hear any more news about any new editions to Super Smash Bros Brawl.
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3 words: wii. U.

Thats two words silly
Welp, looks like Animal Crossing 3DS is getting the shaft yet again.

So I'm not really interested in Nintendo anymore at this moment.

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