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I heard that there will be a lot of new games for the 3DS, but the one I reeeaally want them to talk about is Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracles. /mouthfoam

What other games is everyone hyped for?
I hope they show a trailer or at least give us more info on the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game
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Kingdom Hearts 3DS (Dream Drop Distance)

Kingdom Hearts + The World Ends With You = DO WANT!!!
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Paper Mario 3DS is the one I am absolutely crazy over. This game is honestly one of main reasons I got a 3DS!!! whee
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I'm looking forward to Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. I'm more than happy that FF finally got music game!
Paper Mario 3DS is the one I am absolutely crazy over. This game is honestly one of main reasons I got a 3DS!!! whee

I had totally forgotten about Paper Mario! eek

I'm looking forward to Rune Factory 4 more than everything else, TBH. Also hoping they'll announce a remake of either Majora's Mask or ALttP, though the chances are very, VERY slim...
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pikmin 3 and luigis mansion and hopefully super smash bros and some zelda and mario games
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Animal Crossing 3DS. And Wii U hopefully.
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They keep teasing us with Zelda images here and there in their videos and presentations so far. I'm really hoping they show something more than a teaser later on today, both for the Wii U and for the 3DS.
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Virtue's Last Reward, though I'm not sure if that's being showcased or not...
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Zelda: Majora's Mask 3Ds please~
Though, I think Nintendo said something about wanting to make another Zelda game before remaking Majora's Mask.
But hot damn is my mouth drooling for Majora's Mask.
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I'd be pretty excited if they make a new zelda game, or a remake of majora's mask. thing is I dont feel like buying a 3DS just for a game.. even though zelda is certainly worth it.. hmm.. nah.

and maybe some super smash bros game would be nice. but then again, i dont feel like buying some nintendo console just for one game. im pretty happy with my xbox!~
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I also want to hear about Professor Layton and the mask of miracles emotion_kirakira
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I hope they show a new Super Smash Bros. Universe trailer whee
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To be honest, there isn't any one in particular I'm excited for. I'm just looking forward to their presentation in general. Besides, it's yet another year we haven't been invited to E3. cat_emo

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