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I miss Kaiden
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Nooo... they need that DLC ending out and then they should either work on a new IP, Jade Empire, or Dragon Age games where they don't rush it out.

Oh, and to stop playing around with their WoW clone.
As much as I love Mass Effect I have to say that there's really no need to make another. They should focus on DA 3, in my opinion.
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No to Mass Effect 3 and hell no to Dragon Age 3. The first two DA's bored me to death, I couldn't even make it through the storyline because it was just too drawn out and uninteresting.
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Why? So Mass Effect fans b***h and moan again about not giving them what they wanted? And then having the company having to correct things? No thanks. Had enough of that drama for a lifetime.
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I want a new Jade empire more then anything 3nodding
How? spoiler: The relays are gone.

Wouldn't make sense.

I think they should focus on that DLC they're doing and give the Movie a proper budget. I'm hoping it's at least good.

I'd like to see some kind of Cyberpunk new IP from Bioware.
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Eh, with the commotion a few months ago about the ending of Mass Effect 3, I highly doubt people will support a 4th instalment. Bioware/EA threw garbage at the fan base by introducing such a weak ending to a trilogy of games. Now they are deciding to offer a free downloadable DLC for an alternate ending. A 4th instalment is a gamble.

I don't know. It depends on that DLC they promised to introduce. Whether the game ends or the game ends to be as continued is up to them.
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No. Just... No...
Let BioWare focus on Dragon Age 3.
the third on just came out.. or atleast they made a 3 one.. if the third one turns out to be good then a part four should come out
I have Mass Effect sitting in my xbox right now but I have never played it. Its the one with the ending that no one likes? Should I play it?
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I don't support a Mass Effect 4. But, even so if for some random reason they decided to make one, it would probably sell just because the Mass Effect fans would want to play it. Other than that it wouldn't do much in sells.
I support Bioware starting a new series or Dragon Age 3.
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I have Mass Effect sitting in my xbox right now but I have never played it. Its the one with the ending that no one likes? Should I play it?
Oh My God Yes! Its so ******** epic. Once you get used to playing it, make sure you pay attention to the war assets. And before the final mission (which is a long ways away) make sure you play a couple rounds of multiplayer. It will also help you in the campaign. When you have 4,000+ War Assests then you can go on with the final level. XD I played it so many times. ~Le Nerd~
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I do have mixed feeling for Mass Effect 3's ending. Yet I see no point in a fourth game. I rather have a sequal to Jade Empire or start fresh with a new series. But for the side of DLC I can really care less unless the ending DLC can give a good enough explanation of the events after the final battle and the filling the multiable plot holes then maybe I could consider a fourth but the chances are low.

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