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I'm so excited for it to come out! I need to get a job though so I can buy the 3DS. I played with one at Gamestop and it was really cool.
The game is meh. Barely any effort put into it. it seems like nintendo was afraid to make a completely new adventure game because it wouldnt be able to compete with the mechanics of recent games. OoT is so archaic in terms of gameplay. Sword fighting is just pressing A over and over.
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asdasdasda ninja dramallama ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja :ninjadramallama:
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sigh Wonderful games. I remember playing the original Ocarina of Time. I still own it along with Majora's Mask, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, but most of my friends don't care for the Zelda series. They think its stupid. I tell them one thing. You ain't a gamer til' you achieve victor over Ganon. I can't wait to play Skyward Sword and Ocarina's remake. It's going to as epic as it was in 1998.
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Tbh, I could give a s**t.
The classic releases are all I need.

I wonder if you realize that you've actually just supported this thread, and not insulted it.

I hope you realize that I realize that.

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