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El Noob 0
You do know that it was just a rumor that the 3DS is bad for your eyes.
Hm, never caught wind of the rumors. I'm only stating that based on my own personal experience.
Really do tell? I have really bad eyes also.
Well, to actually see the 3D, you have to kind of look off in the distance even though it's right in front of you. It REALLY hurts my eyes and you have to adjust them for awhile every time.
just turn the 3d off then thats what im going to do.
heart heart LOL! Good idea. Just get a PS Vita XD heart heart
I'm excited about the Vita as well. But, Sony better push hard this time around. Luckily the 3DS is starting off really slow, so Sony has a chance to push an amazing library (with the reveal that many developers have signed with them already). But, they need to show that they can have a successful handheld, and push hard where the PSP failed. And, don't get me wrong, the PSP is great, I have a fat 2000 model with homebrew enabled, but, I feel that it could have improved severely.

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