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I remember back when everything was super secret. E3 surprised everyone with game announcements year after year. Now you already know whats coming. It makes it so boring. I miss the good old days. Anyone else miss how E3 used to be. The surprise factor was a big thing I loved about E3.
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Um. Just so you know, there was a lot of stuff there that was not advertised on any news feed. Plus there were things that you could only view by invitation only...

So. I don't really know what you're talking about.
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I think everyone saw another Black Ops and more Wii and kinect kiddy games coming. -.-;
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The only time I was surprised by stuff at E3 was reading about it in a gaming mag because the internet didn't exist yet. sweatdrop
Even last year we had quite a few surprises.

This year, there were none. sad
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Now it's about getting as many people to buy the games
I deffinetly miss the suprise factor
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yeah E3 wasn't very exciting.
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                        LARA CROFT.

        Nintendo is particularly good at keeping software secret....just look at 2010. LOOK AT IT

        just LOOK AT IT!!!!

        They can still do it too...maybe next year we'll have alot more wink
        I heard the rumor the reason why there wasn't as many games this year was because developers are working on titles for the Next Gen Consoles that haven't been announced yet
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        no cause now there's the suspense of waiting xd
        yeahh i didnt care for e3 this year much...
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        I get the feeling that Nintendo, at least, was keeping a whole crap-ton to themselves and chose not to take it to E3, but that's just me.

        I think the show has gotten worse now that it's less about the fans and more about the industry people that attend.

        They might be inspired to do better if they re-opened E3 to the public.

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