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What kind of music do you prefer?

Rock 0.23333333333333 23.3% [ 14 ]
Punk 0.033333333333333 3.3% [ 2 ]
Screamo 0.05 5.0% [ 3 ]
Country 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Broadway 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 5 ]
Pop 0.033333333333333 3.3% [ 2 ]
Other 0.15 15.0% [ 9 ]
Whatever 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 5 ]
How Can You Make Me Choose?! 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 20 ]
I hate music. >=[ 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Total Votes:[ 60 ]
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That would be most appreciated, monsieur. User Image

Ah..but, the mademoiselle..I didn't realize you two were together in such a way. Had I known, I would not have been so forward. Probably. ninja

Unfortunately, it is my time to say au revoir! Perhaps we shall meet again, monsieur. wink heart
Samael Morel's avatar

Man-Hungry Sex Symbol

W-We're not! She's just.. Look, all the babes around here are mind. 'S not like I need to state my claims on any. And.. sheesh... Man, that's just.. I mean... Heh.. I don't place one any higher than others. *waves a hand quickly as if fanning himself* She's just some vampire who knows French. That means nothing. SHE means.. nothing. *smirks* What do you think I am? Some sort of pansy who lets himself get tied down by chicks? 'M bigger than that. I don't go for one when I can have a horde.

..Ah.. I think.. I'm gonna have dinner now. Yeah. Seeya Mons.. Monsour Moon. But remember. No Twixie for you. She's one sweet you better keep your paws off of.
Ablation's avatar

Destitute Bookworm

Finally, someone that agrees that Liam isn't God's gift to fanbrats everywhere. The twit needs to stop flaunting his "assets" and put a shirt on. Or a cowl. I'm rather partial to the latter.

Hell, he should wear the cowl and enter a monastery. That'll kill two birds with one stone- he'll finally stop stripping (and teaching others to strip *coughcoughGinocough*) and hitting on everything female that happens to walk on two legs.
Samael Morel's avatar

Man-Hungry Sex Symbol

Mm... I don't know why the hell 'm here at this time of day. I swiped Twixie's 'brella though so 's all good. But 's not like I need it. Looks like it's gonna rain. *runs a hand through his hair* So our company today may end up getting soaked. *smirk* Heh, not that I mind.

Ablation, that's the name, right? Here I thought the only girl who thought the b*****d was overrated was that Son Goshi-kun that came by here last night. But I can't say I like your idea about that 'monastery' and 'cowl.' *shudders* What's with these people and their.. ugh.. religious ideals? But if you're the one in charge, go for it. I just don't want to get my hands clean. *clicks his nails together* I prefer keepin' them dirty.

...So what's the deal with daytime? 'S there anything special about it? So far it looks like mortals are runnin' around like headless chickens. I see the games are still goin' strong. But again, I have triumphed! *grin* ....'S not like it took me more than twenty tries to get an overall score higher than nine. Oh, no.. Hn... Entertain me.
Ablation's avatar

Destitute Bookworm

I never said I was a fan of religions of any sort- in my own opinion, the notion of higher powers are simply placebos for the weak to cling to in order to comfort and protect their fragile minds from the cold, harsh truth that is reality. Of course, I’ll admit I hold Catholic monks and nuns in slightly higher regard than the rest of the cesspool that encompasse religious fanatics. After all, they don’t breed to make more idiots destined to knock on your door or corner you on the street and attempt to shove their own views in your face. Silly, silly humans and their silly ideals.

Daytime is vastly overrated, yet most still cling to their diurnal tendencies that have been wired in since life began. After all, scary things hunt and prowl in the night. *smirks*

Entertain you? *quirks an eyebrow* What would you have me do?
Samael Morel's avatar

Man-Hungry Sex Symbol

... *slowly blinks* Uh-huh. *picks at an ear* So what you're sayin' is somethin' like.. All that stuff's for the weak. I can see that. You don't see us immortal's gettin' all caught up in that stuff unless those things are shoved in my face. Not really a fan of the whole 'burning from non-demonic things' if you get my drift. Y'know, I had a few of those guys knockin' on my door and I'm stayin' at a hotel. You'd think security'd be tighter, but that's the problem with humans again. Their incompetence is a hindrance for those around them.

Scary things are what make life killer. *smirks* The sound of those screams and the scent of fear. Those racing hearts and.. ohhh.. *shakes his head* Where was I? *clears his throat* Really, I find the light much more disturbing. You really begin to realize how overrun we are by the human population. 'S nice to have a large food supply though.

Oh, I can think of a few things, but why don't you surprise me, hmm? *folds his arms*

Ah~! It is such a dreary day today, but, mon cher, perhaps that is better for you in your present..ahh..condition. The rain ruined all of my plans for the day, though. Fortunate for me, I have an umbrella, as well. heart

Can't afford to get my lovely clothing wet, you know. I take great care to make sure I'm presentable at all times. You never know who you might meet. wink

..What conversations you lot have. So..how do you say..macabre? Perhaps that's a vampire thing?
Samael Morel's avatar

Man-Hungry Sex Symbol

Heh, dreary. 'S perfect for house calls and 'dinner plans.' So Monsour Mood dude, feelin' like joinin' me? *eyes his neck*

Oh, but I'm sure the rain would suit you. *smiles* I bet Twix would love it when you're representin' a wet rat, dripping all over the place.

Tch... we'll have to pick this up later. Looking at you reminded me I got some babes to attend to. *slicks back his hair* Y'know where to find me. *winks*
Bonjour, mes amis! Though everyone seems to be gone...oh, well. I shall play some of today's games to spend the time, yes.
I've had a rather off-kilter day...when you arrive, tell me how yours went? That goes for Monsieur, Sam...anyone who might drop by.
Samael Morel's avatar

Man-Hungry Sex Symbol

But now this 'off-kilter' say will get better. *smirk* Seeing as how I'm back now, babe. Dinner was... eh... I expected more. It wasn't a delicacy tonight. So now it's just you and me, kitten..
You and me? Oh, great. Like I wasn't already feeling completely lethargic and detached.
Don't call me babe.
And what's this about me being yours..?
Samael Morel's avatar

Man-Hungry Sex Symbol

Oh, come on. You can't get enough of my good looks and charms~


That was nothin'. Don't look into it. I mean.. seriously. You chicks take words far too seriously. I mean.. damn... Damn it, it means nothing! I just like my women! Men.. or.. women.. or... s**t...
I think I can do without your charms.

I'm not yours, or anyone's. Ya got that? I'm just me, myself, and I, thanks so much.
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Dedicated Lunatic

9,450 Points
  • Vicious Spirit 250
  • Restorative Spirit 250
  • Peoplewatcher 100
It would seem your ‘Women’ has left you for the moment. You do indeed enjoy playing in dangerous territory do you not?

edit: seems she has returned *bows* Greetings
Samael Morel's avatar

Man-Hungry Sex Symbol

You sound really high on yourself, you know that, Twixie? 'S about time someone knocked you off of your high horse.

She's not my woman, Heiyu! She's just some vampire that.. won't get lost! That's it!

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