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What kind of music do you prefer?

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Punk 0.033333333333333 3.3% [ 2 ]
Screamo 0.05 5.0% [ 3 ]
Country 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Broadway 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 5 ]
Pop 0.033333333333333 3.3% [ 2 ]
Other 0.15 15.0% [ 9 ]
Whatever 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 5 ]
How Can You Make Me Choose?! 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 20 ]
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Total Votes:[ 60 ]
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

-But Errol doesn't back down. He just jabs Sam in the chest again, childishly glaring back.-

I will call you whatever I want, you..bloodwhore!

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
*This time when Errol jabs him, Samael flinches and takes a step away from the other man, twitching terribly*

BLOODWHORE?! Where the ******** did you come up with that one?! It's--! ....He's got me pinned... It's STUPID! Incredibly stupid like your dumb a**!
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

It is not stupid! It is true!

-Errol stood with his arms crossed, hip sticking out again, lips pursed just slightly.-

You..you are a slut! A stupid, stupid slut and you would do anything for blood, and I know it for a fact!

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
*Without prior warning, the vampire grabs Errol by the hip and pushes him backwards into a wall where he pins him with his groin in order to free both hands. Snarling, he grabs the human by the chin and tilts his head to the side, exposing more of the supple flesh of his neck.*

I need blood to life, idiot. And I can drain you right here, right now, ending your pathetic existence before you get your a** kicked by someone crueler than me. But see? 'M a nice guy. Even though you're callin' be a slut.. a bloodwhore, I have the control to stop just before you pass out. Well, as long as you're lucky and don't piss me off any more than I already am. Heh. Yeah, you're gonna need to be real lucky.

*He presses his lips against Errol's skin, closes his eyes, and inhales deeply*

Keep crossing me... and I will kill you, no questions asked. Get too close and I'll kill you. Looks like you changed your fate the moment you met me anyway. *Though his words sound like threats, there is a hint of sadness behind them.* Remember that, stupid. *Releasing Errol, he steps away and continues down the hallway, thrusting his hands into his pockets*
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

-Trembling, eyes wide, Errol pried himself away from the wall. But instead of going back to the hotel room, he chased after Sam again.-

Samael! Wait, Sam! I..I'm sorry! I didn't mean it..I didn't, honest!

-He was still trembling when he caught up, not because he was afraid. It was more..adrenaline. Worry. Confusion. And maybe it was a bit of fear. Fear that by his own words, he'd lose Sam for good, though the man was never his, that he would drive him away and be alone again.-


Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
*even as she hears Samael's footsteps coming closer to her, she does not move or speak. All of this drama between the vampire and the human is pressing down on her nerves, testing the very fabric of what holds her together. So apparently her companion invited the human--she'd once referred to him in affection, hadn't she? Back when she thought he might be interested in her--to fight with, to flirt, to kiss and caress. As if she could stand another moment of it*
I told you to get lost. What? English too hard for you, French dude? We're in the U.S. Learn it.

*While he speaks, his voice remains quiet, strained, and his eyes focus on the vampire sitting upon the windowsill ahead. He had wondered where Twix disappeared to, but at the given moment, he cannot say he is at all pleased with her current position, not with everything happening and his want to shake off his company.*
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save


-It was one word, soft, full of emotion. The jab hurt. It wasn't his choice to even come, and he was doing pretty damn well language-wise. Being made fun of as a foreigner..was the last thing Errol wanted from Sam right now. So, as usual, he turned tail and walked back to the room. Maybe the man would be in a better mood when he got back. It just wasn't worth it now.-

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
Good... Finally... Good riddance. b*****d. a*****e. d**k...... Errol...

*Samael turns his head and glances over his shoulder, watching the other man leave. The reason for the sudden pain in his chest escapes him and he would rather ignore the figurative throbbing sensation than deal with it. But Errol left. This is what he wants, is it not? He clenches his teeth*

It's better this way...

...Twix? What the hell are you doing out here? I've been lookin' for you.
*for a few long moments, it seems as if she did not hear him at all. After a little while though, and without even turning to look at him, she speaks*

No...no, you haven't been. Not even in the least bit.
*The male vampire watches her closely, taking careful observations of her body language. Sensing something wrong about her words and reaction to his own, he steps closer, taking the necessary strides to reach the window and, more importantly, the woman sitting upon the ledge. He lightly presses his palms against the glass behind Twix and leans forward, bringing his face in front of hers.*

I woke up and didn't know where the hell you were. Don't give me that. Can I help it that that b*****d's the first thing I saw? And you can't honestly tell me that if someone told you that you had a flat chest and nothin' going on up here-- *He pulls one hand away from the window and rests it upon Twix's chest, making a point* --you wouldn't want to prove him or her wrong. 'S not in our nature, babe. I was comin' out here to find you, babe, really I was, but like I said.. he just got in my way. But I told him off. Threatened him with death. See how well that works? And his neck was so close and for the taking so how can I pass it up when 'm starved?

*Pressing his luck, and knowing it too, he touches Twix's lips with his own, kissing her softly in order to prove his words to be truthful, all while settling the uneasiness within him. The hurt sound of Errol's voice echoes within his ears, buzzing in an annoying way and demanding attention. The warmth from the human's neck still lingers upon his lips*

Just... an annoying... Frenchman... *Samael whispers, lips brushing against her skin. He needs to speak the words aloud in order to bring himself to once again believe them.* An unneeded... human... A... manwhore... French... cusser... a*****e... b*****d... p***k... MonSour... girly man... stupid.. idiotic.. *As the list of insults continues, his voice becomes softer until it is hardly audible, even to vampire ears.* ...dumb dresser... unneeded worrier... d**k insulter... less than par meal... only.. a meal... *He kisses her again before continuing.* ...Tan... blond... young... gay... Mmm...

*Slowly pulling away, he avoids eye contact* See? Totally not worth my time...
*the words of the pale man do little to move her, or even to stir out a reaction. She barely even blinks when he rests his hand on her chest, and when he kisses her, her lips remain cold, still--almost unfeeling. The female vampire vaguely registers that his lips are warm; he must have rested them upon Errol, she thinks. When he pulls away from her and looks away, apparently signaling their "soft and tender moment" is at an end, she simply stares at him. Her eyes are half-lidded and dark, chilled, like ice*

...Tan. Blond. Young. Gay. All qualities are not what I possess. I am pale. Dark-haired. Eternal. A woman. If he is so bad, then you would not let him stay here, in your home, in the room you once used to hold the prized babies that are your guitars.

*her voice is soft and barely audible; what little emotion can be found in it is dark and lost. She turns her eyes away, looking once more at the skies above*

Which means you do not think he is so bad. You worry over him, you care for him. You touch and caress him--if he were simply a sub par meal, you would have already sucked him dry. But you have not. He still walks among us, the vampires, and if anyone were to hurt the man--even if it were Lana, Heiyu, or me--you would kill without mercy.

*she curls up a little, settling her delicate legs against her chest. It seems that beyond the emotionless, blank state she holds herself in, she is breaking*

If you truly did not care for him, you would not so vehemently insult him. Hate is a strong passion, too strong for mere indifference. You love him, Samael...*her voice softens even more, not even a whisper*

...Which means there may be no place still, in your heart that has stopped beating but still feels as strongly as any living being's would, for me..

Damn, I am awful. XD
*Silence falls over the two nearly immortal beings, for Twix's words had left Samael, for once, utterly speechless and dumbfounded. Neither pain nor disappointment reaches his eyes; he simply looks... confused. Should he believe these words, spoken so unemotionally though possibly based upon all the emotion the small being could muster and walk away? Or would it be wise to speak? To tell the woman that her assumptions could not be any further from the truth? As a vampire, relationships are not as powerful as one night stands and stolen kisses, but the woman had managed to touch him, to reach deep within his being and help release the Albel Vãduva he had locked away so long ago. She let him feel again, allowed him to cry, and offered assistance when he needed it (not that he ever needed help). Unfamiliar emotions such as these could not be feigned or bought. They developed within him much in the way his body responded to Jennifer's company decades ago. But the possibility of fooling himself into believing in this 'love thing' is too great for any certainty to rise from the matter. Lust is another vampire trait and he cannot say he had never felt it for others.*

I DON'T love him. *Finally speaking after a long silence makes his voice sound shaky and unsure, but this should not weaken his message, he hopes.* It's not LOVE. It's not even hate. He's just... there. Damn it, Twix, I keep him around 'cause it's easier having a blood bank on hand. This way there's no hunting. No worries about killing and getting the police involved. And if one of you touch him... *He swallows hard and dampens his lips with his tongue* ..What do I care? 'S better that way. I would NOT kill without mercy. You don't know what the hell you're talkin' about. As for the guitars... I don't want his dirty little hands on them. That's why they were moved. No big deal...

*Samael takes Twix by the chin and pulls her forward.* I love you. See? I said it. You heard me. *Connecting their lips, he quiets himself. If she does not believe him, he will have to show her. The fingers of his left hand begin to snake up the back of her shirt as he presses closer, rubbing their torsos together.*

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