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*The blush upon the other's features brings a shiver to Samael's spine and he cannot help but shift his shoulders to help it pass, hopefully unnoticed. The scent of blood invading his sensitive nose is terribly inviting, but instead of acting upon it, the vampire practices an action he is not familiar with--self restraint. He clears his throat and takes a step closer to Errol, crimson eyes still suffering from exhaustion though now masked in amusement.*

You sure? You were starin' pretty damn intently. But I don't blame you. 'S not like it's easy to miss.

Just not this time, huh? XD
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

-And it did go unnoticed, mostly because Errol was far to embarrassed to pay attention to any slight details. But, the embarrassment quickly turned to his usual slight hostility towards Sam. With a snort, he walked towards Sam, jabbing a finger at the other man's chest.-

If I had been staring, it would only be for the reason I had to look very hard to find anything there.

-And he smirked, leaning to one side to let his hip jut out slightly, red and black striped strap becoming slightly more visible about his pants as the shirt hitched up.-

Yep. XD Not this one. ;D

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
Mph... You're... standing like a chick... *Glaring now that the momentary amusement fluttered away, Samael rubs at his chest, acting as if Errol's finger left behind invisible pathogens he must rid himself of. The French man never ceases to confuse him, though he would never admit the fact to the other male, and the belief that all humans are highly emotional and experience mood swings grows stronger with Errol's finger jab. He makes a face and curls his fingers over one of Errol's shoulders, pulling him closer.*

Now, I know that's a lie. You can tell that now, right? *His other hand positions itself against Errol's back and presses him closer.* Really, 's not that hard to miss. No need to be so.. mm... modest~
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

What are you..oh.

-Errol cocked an eyebrow. It was his turn to be amused now, and a coy smile crosses over his lips,-

Did I do that?

-One of his hands slip up the back of Sam's shirt, teasingly tracing his spine.-

Well..I have to say, I barely noticed. Unlike you..I'm sure I'm making quite the impression.

-The last words are said in a half-whisper in Sam's ear, Errol's lips just barely fluttering against the skin before he pulls his face back to look into Sam's eyes, his own gray eyes lit up with amusement behind his glasses.-

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
*Samael parts his lips, the tips of his fangs resting against his lower labium, when Errol speaks softly in his ear. Though the words are quiet, he hears each clearly as they caress his soft skin. His muscles grow tense to prevent himself, a master of seduction, from reacting to the touches of some mediocre human. Inferior. Why is it that the word hardly seems suitable for Errol now, unlike how it once was in the past?*

Tch... Hardly. Don't get ahead of yourself, dumbass. Remember, you're nothin' more than a good meal.

*The hand against Errol's back retreats and presses itself against the vampires lips, hiding the lower portion of his face behind cold phalanges.*

Weren't you leaving?
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

-The amusement falls from Errol's face as quickly as it arrived, and the Frenchman takes a step back from Sam. This mas was just too much. First, he was flirting, and now he's cruel. Again. It shouldn't have surprised Errol as much as it did, nor should he have felt the slight tinge of hurt in his chest.-

Don't worry, even if I did, you would never let me forget.

-He turns on his heels, heading towards the door again. That fresh air sounded pretty damn good right about then. Much better than spending any more time with Sam. Much better than being rejected..again.-

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
Mm... Remember what...? *The words provide a clue to truth behind of most of Samael's dialogue—he talks for the sake of talking and hardly ever listens to himself or thinks beforehand. He rocks his head to one side, tilting it enough for his hair to fall over his shoulder, and watches Errol move to leave, his gaze observing each stride closely. In the past, Errol had shown the vampire his smooth legs, but compared to how the human man's rear looks in those pants of his, the limbs hardly matter*

Oh, so you're just gonna run away? Nothin' more? *He slowly approaches him, still feeling a bit dizzy from his breakdown, and sighs* Damn... I swear, you're such a...
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

Excuse me?

-Errol stops suddenly, anger bubbling up in his stomach. So, Sam can just say such things without caring to remember? He would hurt him without even thinking about it?-

What am I, Sam? Do tell, because as I remember it, -Errols voice was low, quivering with the anger he hardly attempted to control.- You're the one who told me to leave.

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
** Only post for tonight**

The voice echoed again, "He's a snack and nothing more little Sammie~ Take him, drain him~ Come to me~ Feel me, let me taste you again~"
Noooo, I only asked you if you were leaving 'cause you were so damn ready to and then you started making me feel like puking 'cause you decided to keep your face around.

*The vampire dismissively waves his hand and allows his lips to tug another smirk into existence* But when you sound all pissed like that, 's sorta sexy. I can give you that. Now if only the rest of you ma--

*Suddenly, Samael flinches and massages at his temples, falling silent. One of his hands leaves the side of his head and presses against his forehead* Not now. I thought you were ******** done with me, b*****d! He's not... *He screws his eyes shut and takes a deep breath.* Focus.. He's not.. Ha! He's not real! Really!

..Nn... 'M going... *He pushes his way past Errol and begins to walk down the hallway*
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save


-Errol stormed after Sam, reaching out to grab one of his arms.-

Why must you always do that to me?! Don't you even realize?! Don't you even care how..ugh.

-He shook his head, dropping his hand before reaching Sam, but continues to walk beside him. Something was wrong again, that much was obvious. And Sam was just continuously keeping him out. At this point, Errol's best bet was just to keep with him, if he wanted to find out what was going on.-

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
You're like some ********' stupid tick. You latch on and don't let go. Annoying as hell...

*He shivers and tugs on his jacket, holding it closer to his body. Why does it feel so cold in here? Usually temperature does not have much of an affect on his already chilled body. It must be a draft from some open window; yes, he would believe this.*

Won't you just.. get the hell away from me?

*Samael quickens his pace, but keeps his strides relatively small, keeping to a human's speed*
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

Tick?! I'm not the one who sucks blood. You..you're like some..flea, or..what are those, ah..mosquito!

-Errol sped up, keeping pace with Sam again. He wasn't going to let him go, and he deliberately ignored the last question. Mostly because he didn't even have an answer.-

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
*The vampire quickly turns toward Errol, glaring dangerously. And yet, deep within his eyes, discomfort grows, causing his pupils to quiver*

Don't you EVER call me a MOSQUITO!
*in the hallway outside of the suite, curled up and sitting on the window's edge at the end of it, is the familiar being known as Twix. She had left the suite and aimlessly walked the hotel's hallways for hours, making small talk with the staff and other guests as she passed them by. To be honest, she could not handle the sheer amount of testosterone in the suite. Undead or alive, they were still battling against each other, trying to be the better male, and touching like a couple of sex-crazed teenagers. The whole thing was making her more than a little ill. The vampire crosses her arms tighter and does not even so much as glance up when she hears the sound of their voices and loud footsteps, keeping her eyes on the stars in the night sky above. They would not care for her location, so why should she care for theirs? This was the line she was chanting silently, stifling how hurt she truly feels*

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