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Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

If you say so.

-Errol didn't even bother insulting Sam back. He simply pulled the heavy trunks into the bedroom, humming cheerfully as he did so. Once in the room, he clicked them open, pulling different articles of clothing and jewelry and shoes. Sorting them out, Errol scouted places to put things.-

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
*The vampire closes his eyes tightly enough to wrinkle his brow and throws his back against the door frame, once again gasping in discomfort. The need to clear out his system spreads throughout his body and in a panic, he begins to pant, taking on a typical human's actions with ease. The memories and his skin--they both burn to the point where it becomes unbearable and a wave of nausea that will never amount to anything else takes him into its clutches. A hand returns to his neck, desperately clawing at the pallid skin to remove whatever invaded his perfect form. Nergal's voice in his ears is worse than any tintinnabulation he ever experienced and if given a choice, he would have chosen ringing bells over this annoyance. And then... that smell... Why could he smell him?*

Am... not... *He speaks through clenched teeth, growling to himself* Go.. to ********'... Nn...
*frowns and approaches Samael once again, reaching up to gently touch the hand so viciously grasping his neck*

..Is it...*remembering the way the awful creature--vampire, if he could be called that--had licked and touched her love's neck, she frowns* ...that Nergal guy...?

Oh Twixie, your instincts O:
-At the mention on the name, Errol turned around, confused until he noticed Sam's behaviour. Startled and worried, he rushed over.-

Quel est ceci?! What's wrong wit him?!
*Doing his best to hide his troubles, he narrows his eyes and smirks, though it is halfhearted and pitiable.*

The hell're you two going on.. about..? What? Don't like your room... MonSour..? Heh... And Twix... man... would you stop with the whole worryin' thing? 'S not like 's needed, babe.
Obviously you aren't doing well. Stop treating me like an idiot and let me help for once.

-He didn't even know if he could, but..the look on Sam's face made him want to try anything.-
His voice whispered lightly, "Come come little Samael, you are such a strong little boy. So tough, so manly~ Your taste so sweet and perfect~ Can you not feel it? Your life blood draining from your neck in a slow delectable river, being lapped up by me~" The smell and taste intensify slightly.
Help? Heh... If I really needed help... you wouldn't be able to do anything anyway...

*Samael rubs his tongue against his fangs and scrapes his taste buds, strongly believing that if he somehow hurts them, they will no longer have the ability to detect the taste of the elder vampire. His nose wrinkles as if he had tasted something sour. Nergal's lips may have been slightly enjoyable, if only because the old man was incredibly skilled at what he did though the entire situation was revolting, but tasting him now was as bad as gulping down a liter of Holy water.*


*At first, the vampire strongly believed he could simply push the voice away, but after the mental image is planted within his mind, he cannot focus his attention on anything other than his blood flowing freely from his neck, feeding the deadly being trapped within his mind. Usually strong legs grow weak and he falls to his knees where he bends forward and scratches harder at his neck*

-Errol dropped down after him, grabbing his hand in an attempt to restrain it before he gouged his skin off.-

Sam, get ahold of yourself! What's going on?!
Nn... N-Nothin'... *Samael pulls his hand away and stares wide eyed at the floor, his pupils trembling. For once in his life, he looks truly terrified. It is his loss of control that bothers him; he cannot stop Nergal's image from taking over his body and soul, figuratively speaking, and this scares him. He is always in charge, but now, he cannot even succeed in handling his own body.*

'M... gonna sleep. 'S early, but... *Rising, he presses a hand against his forehead* sudden... headache... 'Night... mornin'... Whatever. *Without so much as another word or a goodbye kiss, he leaves the room and situates himself in his bed*
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

-Errol aimlessly wandered around the apartment. After Sam had gone to bed last night, he had, too. But after seeing Sam like that.. Tired from a sleepless night, the man dropped down onto the living room couch, grabbing the book he'd tried to read earlier from the floor beside it. Most of the day was spent situating himself in the new room, hanging up clothes that (thankfully) weren't too terribly wrinkled from being in the trunks for the night. That would have been a hell of a dry cleaning bill. Unfortunately, reading the book was too difficult. Sitting still was the problem. Heaving himself up from the couch, Errol tossed the book down again and headed towards the door. Maybe fresh air would help.-

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
*The distressed vampire slowly opens his eyes and drapes his forearm over his face. Luckily, Nergal had graced (really, it is much better than it sounds) him with a peaceful slumber during the daylight hours; he never heard his voice, escaped the touch of his body, grew blind to his face, and became immune to the taste upon his lips and tongue. Everything may have been a figment of his own imagination--he would not deny the possibility given how he seemed to have trouble with memory lately and hallucinations, though more prominent with humans than the undead, could very well come next in his list of problems--but he cannot shake the sense of uneasiness and anxiety these thoughts bring him. If it were possible for him to revert into a human, he would strongly believe his recent experiences hinted at the journey from monster to mortal.*

Can't believe that was all in front of Errol. In front of Twix. Damn.. the babe's already seen me cry.. ah.. react to the dust in the room. And now this. I swear, if I crack one last time, I might as well sent a stake through my own heart.

*Samael sighs softly while swinging his legs over the edge of the bed and standing, his pale arm dropping to his side. He notices that his neck feels stiff, possibly a result from the dried blood upon now nonexistent wounds. Feeling it deserves a laugh, he chuckles softly* Heiyu'd have a ball with that one if she was here. Wonder whatever the hell happened to her. She disappeared after that.. night... *Shaking his head, he leaves the room and freezes upon seeing Errol* ...Oh... right...
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save

-Hearing a noise behind him, Errol turns, and seeing Sam, he quickly puts on a fake smile.-

Ah, Samael. Good evening. How are..ah..how did you sleep?

-Not wanting to bring up the events of the previous night, he stops himself before asking how Sam was. And he deliberately avoids looking at Sam's neck, choosing instead to focus his eyes a little lower..without really thinking about where he would be looking.-

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
I keep tellin' you to call me Sam. Get it? And I don't sleep...

*While his first statement was truthful, his last could not have been any further from reality and Errol must realize this seeing as how the human had witnessed the vampire teetering and looking like, for lack of a better description, a moving corpse; however, he does not let this affect him and he stands behind his words while a smirk rises to his face.*

You may want to watch those eyes of yours, Errol.
Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save


-A confused look crossed Errol's face before he realizes exactly what Sam was talking about, a blush he can't control rising to his cheeks. Glancing up quickly, Errol looks horrified to be caught staring at..well, staring where he hadn't meant to. This time.-

I wasn't..it wasn't intentional!

Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave

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