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Who's your daddy?

Raina. ♥ 0.55882352941176 55.9% [ 19 ]
I don't have one. ;__; 0.44117647058824 44.1% [ 15 ]
Total Votes:[ 34 ]
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to Raina's Durem DTTPAY.

There are rules.

• Follow GaiaOnline Terms of Service -- that's a no-brainer.
DON'T STRETCH MY PAGES! -- I'd like for my thread to stay a virgin, thank you.
Stay semi-literate -- If you have dyslexia, or you don't know how to spell a word, it's okay. Just try your best.
No skipping! -- Yea... you're just gonna get banned. If it's by accident, I'm sure the skippee with understand. But If I get two reports about you skipping, you're outta here.
Gift-Back, plz -- When you get something, send some thing back (other than trash and bugs.) If you don't, that person has the right to cancel the trade and put you on their blacklist.
Donation minimum is 500G. -- Donate less, and you're on the blacklist. Harhar. Sux 2 B U. :B

I've made some post guidelines, 'kay?

›› NO LONG WISHLISTS -- keep it to a six item maximum.
›› Have conversations. -- it's okay to copy/paste your post format, but have a section in your post where you can talk.
›› Don't quote someone's post. -- This tends to get really big and stretch the page. Don't do it.
›› No begging or sob stories. -- These are SO ANNOYING. Just don't.
›› No emote-only / 1-5 line posts. -- You're gonna get skipped. If the person above you posted an emote or 1-5 lines, just donate to the person above them.
›› It costs 750G to get off of someone's black list. No more.

I really didn't wanna have to make a blacklist, but I will just in case.

Nobody yet. Yay!
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