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Durem rules.
Durem rocks the socks off, hardcore. wink
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Ai_Amaya ; Thanks. <3

Yay, Durem pride!

Who all was a member of Durem for the water festival last year?
I was. ;'3

We pwn'd. I was surprised that Aekea wasn't really even in the running for this event because last year they were like our biggest competition. =/
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Me too! And yes, yes we did! >D

Yeh! That was really surprising. Aekea was kind of going neck-and-neck with us on the first day, but after that, they totally dropped off. I think it would have been more surprising if Isle de Gambino had come in first place, or been neck-and-neck with us, though. Since they were last in the water festival...
yay Durem!!!
(even if we aren't winning pirate )
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We came in a close second, and that's good enough for me. Especially considering I worked hard to bring my score up. xD

I think my overall score after playing all seven days is...9.52 (I'd have to check that, but I'm pretty sure that's what it is).
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Hello! =D

Sorry I can't stay and talk, I needs to go work on my summer homework some more now. But I'll be back in about an hour and a half. <3
Now watch, next town vs town competition we get it's gonna be Gambino and us at the top. That would be funny, but it would show that we're great competition, especially for our large team. Haha.

You have summer homework? exclaim That sucks.
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That would be so awesome! And in the event that Gambino wins, it'd be kinda cool. 'Cause then it's like...diversity? I mean, yeh. I want Durem to win. But from what I've seen (I'm sure there are people who are bitter about our loss, especially because it was so close) a lot of the Duremites have actually been pretty chill about not coming in first.

Like me, haha. Of course, it would have been nice to have come in first, especially after all the work I did to get my score up as high as I could. But it's not a big deal.

And I personally feel that quite a few of the people that joined Durem only did it because Durem won the water festival, so they pretty much thought it was a free ticket to getting first place. I.e., they would just join and do nothing, and expect to come out on top...which ultimately stifled our team average from getting higher. But that's just me. ;__;

Oh, and yeh. I have a TON of summer homework. D;
For Spanish, it's three essays on topics of my choosing, but I have to connect it back to Hispanic culture in some way or another. But I'm already done with that...And then for English, I'm supposed to read and colour-mark Crime and Punishment (freaking long book...), write a 800-1000 word essay on it and do an open-ended project on it. I'm already done with the essay and the project, but I still have to go back and mark the book...I'm on page 103 of 542. But I'm really slow...working at about 10 pages an hour. xD;;

[Sorry for such a long post, btw. > w>;; ]
True there are some people who probably joined because Durem won the water festival but some people also could've joined and got called away for something or another. Like, me personally, I went on a three day camping trip days 4-6 and I had to come back and make up the days. But it was still fun and I totally kicked it's butt(after continuously playing the games again and again and again*in some cases* more oft then not) haha. But yeah. NO FREE STRAIGHT TO THE TOP WINS D< You joined a team you should have to put the effort into it to help win.

And zomgh. I don't recall ever having summer homework, although, my school district is not a very highly ranked one. ;-; Buhahahaha.
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Yeh, I'm sure some people had things going on irl...but still. I'm almost positive there's a large portion of people that just wanted to join under the pretenses that Durem would place first because of the water festival. I bet it sucks to be them now, haha. If they're mad though, sucks to them. D:< It's their fault for not being a team player.

Ah. Well, I'm in a program called IB. And I'm going to be a senior this upcoming school year, so um...it's pretty much inevitable. I had summer homework the summer before my freshmen year, along with summer school for Spanish (it was mandatory, since I hadn't taken a course in Spanish previously). And I had summer homework before sophomore year, junior year, and of course. This upcoming year. ;____; I had summer school for Physics before my sophomore year, too. Since I hadn't taken a Physics course previously. Stupid diploma requirements...

Edit :: Granted, I'm going into IB Physics III this year. xDD;;

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