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Please my fellow durem teammates, get an avergae score of 8 or more we know Durem is sure to win but Barton has a chance to catch up with us so please play the olympics game over and over if you have to get a good score just please do it for Durem and Durem is best!!!wooooooooooooooooooooooot^.^ xp
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Meh Scores:
Day 1- 8.63
Day 2- 8.96
Day 3- 8.77
I keep mine above 9.0 so I've done my part. ;D
awesome you are a very good team supporter i also hav an average 8.34 or something like that
Well I am very glad that we are doind are best its just becaus I have seen some people get an average lower than 7 and that wont support our team
Yeah, I was a little scared when we kept staying below Barton but we Duremians are strong! >:3
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Mine's at 9.7 overall right now. The Olympic Nun has done her part for the day, but I'll see about trying to jack it up farther tomorrow!

We must persist, Durem! Barton's no townload of slackers! heart
yes we are^.^
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Barton might be tough but we won last year and can win it this year vistory falls in the palms of DUrem^.^ xd
xD I just realized I unconsciously supported Durem today. I put on a red shirt then bought a black tie and put it on. x3 I gots the colors irl.
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My average is around 8.7
Awesome well im wearing red and black to^.^ XP
I like that you guys are very cooperative I mean i have some friends who are in Durem but wont play the game i mean like the saying One rotten apple spoils the whole bunch. So im getting them to play the olympics i even made mules just to raise our score^.^

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