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Who's your favorite baddie?

The Master 0.23880597014925 23.9% [ 48 ]
The Dream Lord 0.079601990049751 8.0% [ 16 ]
Weeping Angels 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 67 ]
Sontarans 0.0099502487562189 1.0% [ 2 ]
Daleks 0.2089552238806 20.9% [ 42 ]
Cybermen 0.019900497512438 2.0% [ 4 ]
The Rani 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Madame Kovarian 0.0099502487562189 1.0% [ 2 ]
Rassilon 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Other... (tell me who!) 0.099502487562189 10.0% [ 20 ]
Total Votes:[ 201 ]
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Favorite baddie is the Master but the scariest has got to be either the Weeping Angels or the Vashta Nerada
Page Zara&quo
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I LOVE your dream avi (at least i think its your dream avi because its in your signature)
I LOOVVEE the master!! emotion_awesome Even in the 80's! (Partly because he looked like Zod)
I'm just now getting on the Who fanwagon (I'm in season four, "new" series) and from what I've seen, I have to say that the Weeping Angels are my favorite. I like that they live off of your potential life energy instead of straight-up killing (that gets dull after a while), and just how terrifying they are. I couldn't look at statues straight for days after I first watched Blink.
I kinda have a thing for Lady Cassandra. She was a great villain, considering she was a flap of skin! razz
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Daleks are my fave Doctor Who villains. I've a t-shirt that has a picture of one on it. biggrin
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Daleks are so sassy, I love them lol
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I love "The Master" because his evil is spawned from his own insanity, he can't help the fact that he hears "the drums" and it has driven him insane.

I am most scared of the "Daleks" seriously.... They are... just.... UGH!

The "Silents" give me the heeby geeby's, I mean you wouldn't know their there 'till you see them but the whole control issue is a thing for me so it would bother me.

The "Weeping Angels" I don't really have much of a problem with them except, I'm a jumpy person so when I see something in a certain place and turn around and it's in a different place, I freak out. What they do though, as far as sending me back in time, it doesn't really bother me thinking about it. But man, those teeth.

The "Sontarans" They make me laugh, they look so funny and their names are so weird. like names on Skyrim.

And something that disturbs me is Cassandra.... Can I just say that her views of things and morals were completely twisted and truly disgusting.
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I LOOVVEE the master!! emotion_awesome Even in the 80's! (Partly because he looked like Zod)

America and Kumajirou!!!! <3

{{Lol, I had to go there.}}
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I really loved the Weeping Angels in "Blink", but when they came back later they kind of lost a little of their awesome. The fact that Amy could trick them by pretending to see and the fact that we got to see them move on screen kind of took some of their awesome away. What I loved about "Blink" was that they never moved when you were looking at them either.

Kind of like the Cybermen a lot as well.
For me, the master and the silence are at a tie followed by the daleks and then the cybermen.
The master is just like an evil doctor! Watching him go at it against Tennant was the best!
The silence though, their creepiness puts them up there. And the fact that you can't remember seeing them makes it even a bigger challenge for the doctor.

I personally want to see the master go against the current doctor. Smith is a lot more crazy and I like that bc it shows that he's not exactly mentally stable bc of everything he's gone through and his craziness go against the masters wit will definitely be something to see.
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"DO NOT BLASPHEME DO NOT BLASPHEME!!!" lol you daleks are hilarious emo xd
The Slitheens of course, they took over Britain with a pig man
The Silence, the Vashta Nerada, the Weeping Angles, and the Daleks.
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