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I have a few... The Runaway Bride, Sheakspeare's Code,The Eleventh Hour, The Lodger, The Doctors Wife and Let's Kill Hitler blaugh What about you?
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The first episode of "Robot", "Revenge of the Cybermen", and others that I can't think of right now. mrgreen
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The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances.
I love those two. X3
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I really like all of the ones the OP mentioned except Let's Kill Hitler. I thought that one was horrible. The pacing was what ruined it for me. Too much happened to fast, and the title was pointless because Hitler was never mentioned again in the episode after they shoved him in the closet. The setting was really pointless.

Anyway, I really love The Girl in the Fireplace.
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Personally love:
Utopia - The Sound of Drums - Last of the Time Lords


Turn Left

The Pandorica Opens - Big Bang 2

The Wedding of River Song
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                                  This is a really hard question for me to answer, because I really love all of the episodes.
                                  All of the ones I've seen anyway.
                                  I haven't seen the classics.

                                  But...I do have my favorites.

                                  The Empty Child
                                  Turn Left
                                  The Eleventh Hour
                                  Vincent and the Doctor
                                  The Lodger
                                  The Pandorica Opens
                                  The Doctor's Wife
                                  & The Girl Who Waited

                                  There are probably more that I've forgotten.
                                  But like I said, I really love all of the episodes.
                                  I don't think I could really even narrow down this list anymore.
1. The Girl Who Waited

2. Midnight
3. Blink
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i like the girl in the fireplace.
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My new Favorite is The parting of ways
the one where kony was arrested... oh wait he is still out there! We need to stop him!!!
Kony 2012!!!
Blink, Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead (I love River Song) are my favorite! But I also love Midnight, The Eleventh Hour, The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone (I love River Song), and The Lodger.
The Lodger, The Doctors Wife and Eleventh Hour are my favorites
I like "partners in crime" "turn left" and the silence in the library ones. dramallama
donna all the way!!
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alll of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Shakespeare's code and Blink

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