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I don't think that Time Lords can regenerate into not human looking things. Not only would that ruin The Doctor's ability to blend in in all the episodes that take place in the past, but he also says humans look Time Lord, so I think that is just what they look like. He did say that The Corsair had regenerated into a woman once though.

And Helen Mirran has said on record that if they ever made The Doctor a woman, that she would want the par.
I think she would be good at it.
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The Doctor should continue to be male because:

Girls seem to over think things (I'm a girl so I would know). Guys seem to just go with their guts and take more risks. That is why the Doctor should always be male. That is why the majority of the companions are girls. It's a balance thing. They stop the Doctor from going over the edge. Plus, why mess up a good thing?
femle doctor is hott!!
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            No no no!

            They already made a female Watson for the American Sherlock!
            god no.

[******** You, I won a BAFTA!
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they could make soooo many jokes with that :3
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I think that since there have been so many male Doctors, a female Doctor would be a nice change in pace. Do you agree or disagree?

Well we have River song. thats the closest thing to a female doctor we will see.
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lol that would be soo funny mrgreen blaugh blaugh xd xd xd biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin
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I WOULD LOVE IT IF the talked about god on there and talk all about how hes coming back very soon and this world is so not my home i cant wait YEAAHH BABY mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen biggrin biggrin biggrin
I think a female Doctor would be amazing!
It is entirely possible. The 9th Doctor, before regenerating, told Rose that he doesnt have control over what he looks like...he could have two heads or something. And since every cell in his body is rewritten, it is entirely possible for the Doctor to become female.

The topic of race ...i think he could turn to be any race. although i think they should still be British. It is a BBC show after all.
NEVER. He's been a man for nearly 50 years. Men = power. At least the good ones. emotion_dowant
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How about the Doctor and her changed places... kinda like body switching? I think it would be interesting... mrgreen
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yes i do think that would be quite good plus funny but it would be quite quite quite weird
I agree, sounds like it would work.
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It would be cool if there ever was one, but I don't think people would go for it, unfortunately. User Image
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"I think it would be a horrible idea. Because you said female Doctor and not female Timelord. Meaning that the Doctor would turn into a woman. Timelords can be men and women. Oh sure, he's been 11 dudes in a row but hey he could have been a girl any time. It would completely change every inter action he's ever had with anyone in the history of forever. The lack of continuity disgusts me."
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