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Laser Screwdriver. Who'd have sonic?
Though I do plan to get a Sonic Screwdriver, as soon as I can get a Fob watch..
I would like to get an angel statue for my grave, that'd keep any whovians from robbing my grave, maybe also put on the stone or coffin "Watch out for Vashta Nerada.." or something to that affect..

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a weeping angel statue would be brilliant!
i also really want jelly babies and jammy dodgers (impossible to find in the US) so i can o around school asking people if they want a jelly baby and pretending the jammy dodger is a detonating device :3
Wouldn't the girl scouts sell something akin to Jammie Dodgers...?
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Pretty much everything I want is weird to non-Whovians.

Most of all, though, I would like to build a life-size remote control Dalek to terrorize convention centers with.
I want my own 10.2.
nice biggrin heart bump! heart
I want a Tardis control room. A friend of a friend of a friend *lol* is building one in a spare room. Apparently he lives in my town. I would like to know how i do not know this awesome person yet XD

I would also like a Tardis police box, and a Dalek. *i will have a Dalek soon...i will be making a full size workable Dalek for a costume contest next year*

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i would want a tardis and a sonic screwdriver. I saw a car that was tardis blue and a nice style to and the guy treated it like junk. he left his windows open and i went to tell him and he was like whatever. That hurt the car fan in me ( if i had the money would have bought the car right there. inside the seats were horrible but outside looked good )and even worse the doctor who fan in me. his car doesn't even deserve to be that color.
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I have an insane idea to build not only the Policebox shell of the TARDIS but also a full size control room.

but that is many years a head of time right now I want more sonic screwdrivers and a replica of David Tennant's Trench coat
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I have a Tardis T-shirt from this site: redbubble.com
Wow. So many great ideas! If I got Tens trench coat, I would never take it off! It is an awesome coat.
I really want a TARDIS.
My boyfriend is likely to buy me a TARDIS cookie jar, and he's already been talking about making our fridge (when we move in) into a TARDIS by crafting a wooden panel, and he does want to build me a life-size TARDIS sometime.

And yeah.
That and he's also talking about making a Dalek mini-fridge.

I love my boyfriend - who is also remarkably similar to David Tennant in looks. XD
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The world is not beautiful

Some psychic paper would be pretty fun and useful. As well as a sonic screwdriver. And of course I want my own TARDIS.

Also, Four's scarf. <3

Therefore it is.
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What I want is a Gallifreyan pocket watch used with the Chameleon Arch.
There are sites to buy it online, and I might just do it, one day.

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