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i hope im not the only one
You aren't. I am so over the Ponds. I wasn't really ever into them. 5, 6, and 7... Those seasons have really left me wanting something more. I don't like them as much as the older seasons. I don't get as involved.
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I actually didn't mind them but I'm glad they left because I am so ready for someone else. I liked the first three in the series better.
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They stayed too long if you ask me.
I loved the ponds, but I am looking forward to this new companion.
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They began to grow on me, but it was only a matter of time.. it's been awhile since we had a new companion.
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Im Sad... crying crying crying

Especially Seeing As Rory Got So Sexy This Season! rofl rofl
I liked the Ponds!
However, I think they stayed too long!
I am glad they are gone, but didn't die strange, horrible deaths.
Looking forward to a new companion!!!!!!
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i hated amy. It was time for her to go.
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No, I liked them a lot.
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Rory got too awesome for the show to handle. I think they stayed exactly long enough, perfect companion length. 3nodding I hated RTD's one-companion-per-series thing.

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Eh... I think they stayed WAAAAAY to long... I still miss rose
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They stayed way too long.
I missed the one-time companions from different worlds that the doctor would randomly find.
I loved the Ponds, but like others said, they stayed too long. I'm ready for someone new.
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Nyami Hosho
I loved the Ponds, but like others said, they stayed too long. I'm ready for someone new.

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