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I'm so excited! Here is the cover and its supposed to be coming on the 30th

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Oh. My. God. This is too awesome for words! heart
I'd read it. I love all science fiction.
Why the hate, I love this idea. The Doctor and Data together, what's not to love?
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"The sun was high...

Da fuq?

...and so was I."
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There is silly stuff like this all the time.

Like this


Great idea Black Rock Shooter Stella I'd love to read that 8D
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Well, it's obviously not going to be canon, seeing as Star Trek was referred to being a show in Doctor Who.

At least it's with Jean-Luc PIcard and not Kirk?
this doesnt sit well with me. why why why would they do this?!
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When I heard about it one of the first things I said was "OMG CYBERMAN/BORG TEAMUP I WANT". Lo and behold...
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Well well well....I'm the Captain, the Doctor, AND the Chief Science Officer! Care for a Jelly Baby?User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. I dunno, I think if you were gonna cross the titles....I think the Doctor's reaction to Q would be the main draw.
((...I'm a little interested to see what it will be like.))
The two should have never been mixed. Fan of both but seriously? WTF is this s**t?
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