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"You're Mr. Thick-Thick-Thickity-Thickface from Thicktown, Thickania. AND SO'S YOUR DAD."
-The Girl in the FIreplace
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LOL! I love your sig pics! That made me laugh. xp
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(Doesn't know if anyone else has posted this one yet)

"Your a mad man with a blue box!" Martha Jones
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Doctor: Oh, by the way. Did you take three dimensional graph geography at your school? Hmm?
Ian: No Doctor. Only Boyle's Law.
Doctor: Pity, what a pity. We shall have to boil this down now, shall we?

Doctor: Watch your eyes, because, you know, this might be nasty.

Ian: Doctor, sometimes you astound me.
Doctor: Only sometimes, dear boy?

Doctor: Now, first things first. Be honest. How do I look?
Rose: Umm...different.
The Doctor: Good different or bad different?
Rose: Just...different.
The Doctor: Am I...ginger?
Rose: No, you're just sort of...brown.
The Doctor: Aw, I wanted to be ginger! I've never been ginger! And you, Rose Tyler! Fat lot of good you were! You gave up on me! Ooh, that's rude. Is that the sort of man I am now? Am I rude? Rude and not ginger.

Loved this. xd
10th Doctor: Judoon platoon upon the moon...

The Doctor: One more thing — your name.
Romana I: What about my name?
The Doctor: It's too long. By the time I've called out, 'Look out' — what's your name?
Romana I: Romanadvoratrelundar.
The Doctor: By the time I've called that out, you could be dead! I'll call you Romana.
Romana I: I don't like Romana.
The Doctor: It's either Romana or Fred.
Romana I: All right, call me Fred!
The Doctor: Good. Come on, Romana!

10th Doctor: New teeth... that's weird...

The 4th Doctor: They asked me to stay on, you know ... be a Decider.
Romana: You, a Decider?
The Doctor: Yes. I decided not to.
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This is from the end of Doomsday when the Doctor says goodbye to Rose.

[Doctor and Donna stare]
Doctor: What?
Donna: Who are you?
Doctor: What?
Donna: Where am I?
Doctor: What?

I just love how he's so befuddled he can't say anything else xd
Doctor: Ill Be back don't follow me.(walks way)
Vincent van Gogh: Amy, your going to follow him, right?
Amy: Yeah
Vincent: I love you
Doctor: (spontaneous shout that scare both Vincent and Amy)
hahahaha Fav one whee
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The Doctor: You're Scottish, fry something.
Donna Noble: "wait, so this isn't really me? this isn't my real body? BUT I'VE BEEN DIETING."
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Free Rainbow Condoms
"You're Mr. Thick-Thick-Thickity-Thickface from Thicktown, Thickania. AND SO'S YOUR DAD."
-The Girl in the FIreplace
Honestly how can you people not include one of the most epic quotes in Doctor Who of all time!?

*microphone shriek*
Doctor: Sorry, sorry, dropped it.
Hello Stonehenge!
Who takes the Pandorica takes the universe!
But bad news everyone. Cause guess who! Ha!
Except you lot, you're all whizzing about. It's really very distracting.
Can you hold still for a minute because I AM TALKING!!!!
*all ships stop moving*
Doctor: Now the question of the hour is this. Who's got the Pandorica? Answer I do.
Next question, who's coming to take it from me?
*looks up at all the ships, arms held outward*
Doctor: Come on~!
Look at me! No plan, no back-up, no weapons worth a damn. Oh and something else too. I don't have anything to lose.
So! If you're sitting up there in your silly little space ship, with all your silly little guns and you've got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight.
Just remember who's standing in your way.
Remember, every black day I ever stopped you.
And Then!
Do the smart thing...

Let someone else try first...

*looks up and holds out arms again as all ships scatter.

Doctor: That oughta keep them squabbling for about half an hour.

From Doctor Who Series 5: The Pandorica Opens
And who could forget this epic quote The Doctor introduces himself.

Passenger: So now we take orders from you? And Who the hell are you anyway?
10th Doctor: I'm the Doctor. I'm a Timelord. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the system of Gasterberous. I'm 903 years old and I'm the man who's going to save you and all 6 billion people on the planet below. You've got a problem with that?
Passenger: *shakes head*
10th Doctor: In that case... Allons-y!
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“From the day they arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun, there is more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than no, hold on… sorry, that’s The Lion King.”

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